One of Those Times


life is about balance
You know those moments when you just want to sit and do nothing? Like it feels like your mind, your heart, and your whole body just ran fifty million marathons and you are just ready to take a break. And you ready to not take care of anything or anyone, including yourself. Some people call it a rut. In fact, I call it a rut. I am one of those some people. Well that has been me over the last month or so. I have been wanting to do everything and nothing at the same time. It is a really weird feeling.

Over the last month I have had my integrity question, been told I am the most genuine person, had my husband come home, had him leave again, cried over nothing and laughed over everything. I was elected as the new director for the Miss Idaho Organization. I was asked to run the Bronco Zone. I started teaching fitness and dance classes. And while I felt on top of the world. I felt like I could literally accomplish nothing. Once again. It is a really weird feeling.

So I took a step back from my blog for a bit. There were posts here and there and everywhere. But nothing solid and consistent. I also took a break from cleaning my house. I took a break from working out. I took a break from eating healthy. And I took those moments to just sit and do nothing. And I need to tell you something. It felt REALLY awesome. It felt so good to just get back into a mentally healthy place. Not that I was ever depressed or anything, but I just needed to re-balance. But now I am back. And I am here. And I just felt like I needed to write this post and get it off my chest before I could really move forward with my blog. Or with anything. Writing has become some sort of therapy for me. So my blog has become a place where I just type and type and type to get all my thoughts out there.

Basically this post is going no where. I just wanted to share.

So if there is ever a long period of time that I just mysteriously fall off the face of all things internet - only to pop up in weird places here and there throughout it all - know it is because I am taking time to re-balance. And to not clean. And to just sit. Because my heart, mind, and body needed a break. If you haven't been there consider yourself lucky. If you have been. I love you. And I want you to know that taking that time to balance is okay. And everyone still thinks you are fabulous. Even on your off days. We have been there, at least I have been there. And I think you are great. So enjoy those days off. Get your mind healthy.
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