Felix's Fish Camp Grill


I mentioned in my Mobile trip post that Adam and I were able to go to a fancy 3rd anniversary dinner while I was visiting. It was a huge surprise that we were able to go out for a nice night because usually our anniversary is spent heading to whatever is open post baseball game... typically something pizza, sandwhich, or Applebee's. But since the game got cancelled we were able to go try out a local favorite - Felix's Fish Camp Grill. I wish I would have brought my nice camera to give you a full review, but I didn't even think to grab it. But let me just say these photos don't do it justice. It was perfection. When you walk up to the restaurant you feel like you are entering a fish camp. I told Adam, "I feel like I am at Disneyland with all this serious decor." It was that great about getting you in the mood for your dinner. And then we can just start this whole post with this view....

Every table had a view, but I have to say we had one of the best ones. Our table was right next to the window on the water. And we got there right as a storm left and the sunset started. It was lighting magic at it's finest. We decided that we would take advantage of a nice meal out. Like I mentioned earlier, generally we eat whatever is open - which equals a lot of chain restaurants. We don't have a ton of opportunity to visit local places in the short time I visit. So since we had time and we had a reason to celebrate, we went full force.

We started with an appetizer of crab spinach dip. It was served with baguettes and a pita bread. This appetizer alone is a selling point. Every single bite Adam and I would just keep saying how good it was. We could not get over how delicious the food was. And it was a good filling appetizer.

Right? So seriously good. Next up was the main course. Every main course - other than pasta - is served with two sides. We both got a salad and then Adam got Jalapeno fritters and I got four cheese mac and cheese. Salads were solid - just a regular great Cesar salad. I can't speak on Adam's fritters - he loved them - but my mac and cheese was out of this world. So delicious. Four cheese to rock your taste buds. Okay, so far I have only talked appetizers and sides... let's talk about the main dish right now. Like I said - Adam and I went ALL out. Yellow snapper, stuffed with lobster, covered in a crab, topped with a breaded soft crab, and then a hollandaise sauce to pour over the top. WHAT?! You guys. I can't even. It was so amazing. Just take a little look at it.

If the photo itself doesn't do it justice then let me try and describe my feelings towards this meal. I have never had such a delicious meal and I have never tasted such amazing seafood. They made the perfect balance of savor and flavor and all of the above. The breaded soft crab on top of the seared Yellow snapper created an amazing texture balance. Then add in the hollandaise sauce for a smooth and creamy finish. It was incredible. And filling. Maybe filling because it was like 5 meals stuffed into one beautiful dish - but Adam and I loved it. And we both had leftovers to take home.

As you can see we were two happy eaters, lovebirds, anniversary celebrators. Full and thrilled to be celebrating three years of marriage with one of the most amazing meals to date. If you are ever in the Mobile to Pensecola area I would absolutely recommend heading to Felix's Fish Camp Grill. I guess at this point have only talked about the food. I also need to mention the service. It was so spot on. When you walk in they make sure they get your name and share it with their staff. Throughout the evening they use it consistently and constantly. It was nice to feel like I was important with them calling us Mr. and Mrs. Miller every single time they came to our table. The food came out quickly. The staff was so kind. And they were just on top of things. I cannot say enough good things! It was absolutely delicious with great customer service, a great experience, and a great atmosphere.
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