Weekday Wardrobe


This week has been slammed. Back to back to back of everything. Monday was work to dance to Homecoming event to help my friend with her website. Tuesday was work to Margene's for Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen stuff to Costco to more MIOT stuff to puppy training. Wednesday was work to home for a podcast to Zupas for girl's night. Thursday is work to dance class for three hours. And today and tomorrow is work and Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen through and through. Slammed I tell you. But I like busy weeks when Adam is gone because it makes time go faster until I get to see him again - which is NEXT WEEK you guys. But for now, enjoy a little weekday wardrobe.

Monday | Top: SexyMdoest | Sweater: Eleventh Avenue | Pants: Gap | Booties: Francescas
Tuesday | Top: Gap | Skirt: Agnes and Dora | Heels: Cousin Couture
Wednesday | Sweater: Mom's Closet | Top: KissMeMint | Skirt: Agnes and Dora | Heels: TJMaxx
Thursday | Top: Jane.com | Skirt: Shabby Apple | Flats: Target
Friday | Top: NoVae | Jeans: Old Navy | Flats: Forever Young

My favorite outfit from last week was Monday for sure. I love the chicness of the outfit. Really simple and the cardigan adds texture and a little Blair Waldorf feel. My coworker told me I looked sexy on Tuesday which made me laugh. And let me tell you one more thing about Wednesday - that skirt, leather you guys. It is to die for. Which outfit are you loving? Any that you wish would show up in your closet?
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