Weekday Wardrobe


And just like that we are in September. And guess what? This weekend is Labor Day - nothing says party like a three day weekend! And as soon as Laboy Day wraps MY HUSBAND COMES HOME! So you could say I am pretty happy right now. And that is an understatement. I am ecstatic right now! THREE DAY WEEKEND. HUSBAND HOME!!!! Do you have any exciting Labor Day weekend plans? I have spent this whole week just getting pumped for next week. So exciting, right? You can tell where my focus has been by the sheer lack of hair care this last week...

Monday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Flats: Forever Young
Tuesday | Top: Agnes & Dora | Pants: Target | Heels: Cousin Couture
Wednesday | Top: Gap | Maxi: Gap | Flats: Forever Young
Thursday | Top: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Old Navy | Leggings: Target | Flats: Payless
Friday | Top: ModBod | Jeans: Gap | Flats: Nordstroms

Well.... if you have been around for a few weeks you know that Tuesday is a major outfit repeat. Like to the tee... and in fact, the same day! So clearly that is my favorite outfit from this collection. I loved it enough to wear a twin-identical outfit just weeks apart. But Wednesday comes in a close second. I won't lie, that week of outfits was rough because I needed to do laundry but really did not want to. So let's hope it gets better! Which outfit would you love to add to your closet?
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