Weekday Wardrobe


Can you believe it is almost September!? This was the first week of school at Boise State - which is where I work - and it is bumpin' up in here. Students everywhere. I spent a few hours at information desks to help lost students with questions and directions. It is so nice to have a full campus again. I also started teaching U-Jam Fitness at the Boise State Rec Center. I love it - and I also realized just how little stamina I have... haha. Whoops! But more on all of that later. Right now I am taking you to last week's outfits, and you will notice some blue and orange still hanging out from the last orientations before school started!

Monday | Top: ModBod | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Scarpetta
Tuesday | Top: NoVae | Sweater: Pink Blush | Skirt: My Sister's Closet | Flats: Forever Young
Wednesday | Dress: Agnes & Dora | Flats: Target
Thursday | Top: Downeast Basics | Skirt: Shabby Apple | Heels: Macy's
Friday | Top: NoVae | Cardigan: Old Navy | Leggings: Target | Flats: Payless

Without a doubt my favorite outfit from last week is Wednesday! This dress, you guys! Long, flowly, lightweight, pockets, pattern. ALL GOOD THINGS! If you are looking for an awesome maxi dress head to Agnes and Dora's site like yesterday. I cannot say enough good things about this dress. It is super flattering and comfortable. And I feel like I need more. My second fave is Friday - because I am a sucker for a good black outfit with a print top. Which outfit is your favorite? Which would you love to add to your closet?
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