It is funny how one thing can completely become a part your identity - it is even funnier when that one thing is something you never EVER expected to be a part of your life. For me - that would be baseball. I had dated guys in the past that have loved baseball or played baseball and wanted me to love it... but I just couldn't get behind it. But then I met Adam and EVERYTHING changed. And now baseball is a part of our every day life. We talk about stats, we talk about pitches, we talk about strategy, we talk about games... it isn't everything but it is a huge thing. And with baseball being such a huge part of our life comes the part where literally every baseball thing people see I get tagged in. Baseball newborn photos, shoes made out of bats and baseballs, memorabilia, baseball decor. And once again - not many of those things I could get behind... until I saw THIS SHIRT!

Top: Routine Baseball
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Lands' End
Shoes: TJMaxx

Baesball. Sums it ALL up, right? I am married to a baseball player and now I am married to a baseball life - which makes baseball become baesball and I could not be happier. When I saw this top at Routine Baseball - they have a ton of awesome baseball gear - I was in love. I showed it to Adam and he thought it was awesome too. We are huge fans of Routine Baseball's clever tees - Adam even has one that has "Wendy Peffercorn is a dime" which always gets a lot of laughs... if you don't get the reference please watch Sandlot. You will be seeing a few of their items over the next bit. Because we are LOVING there subtle baseball references in awesome clothing. Would you add this punny shirt to your wardrobe? Because let's be honest... puns rock, right?
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