Weekday Wardrobe


I am going to be honest with you... this week and next week's Weekday Wardrobe is going to be short an outfit or two. This week is short one and next week is short two - to be exact. And I feel bad I am cheating you out of a few outfits, but sometimes things just happen ya know? Ha. This week is missing one outfit because I had an early morning flight on Friday and I was already running late enough without thinking about adding an outfit pic. And next week is missing two because I was staying in Adam's apartment which is full-length mirrorless because he lives with a bunch of boys and they just don't get it. But that is enough justification for now - too the outfits, my friends!

Monday | Top: Cotton On | Pants: Pink Blush | Heels: Target
Tuesday | Top: Gap | Skirt: Agnes and Dora | Heels: DSW
Wednesday | Top: Lucy & Lyla | Pants: Pink Blush | Necklace: Eleventh Avenue | Heels: Dillard’s
Thursday | Top: Kiss Me Mint | Skirt: LuLaRoe | Flats: TJMaxx

It feels a little weird having four outfits all in a row instead of my typical grid I give you.... Don't you think? My favorite outfit of this bunch is going to be Monday. Something about all black and a little leopard just makes me feel real classy and sassy all at once. If you know anything about me, you know I try to work in leopard/cheetah prints as often as possible. Maybe that makes me a little crazy, but I am okay with it. Which of these four outfits would you love to see in your closet?
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