Top to Outfit


One of my favorite things about fashion is putting together an outfit. In fact, that exploration in putting together different outfits with the same items is what has taught me to love my closet. Now when I look in my closet rather than thinking, "I have nothing to wear," I think, "What can I put together today that is different." And that is part of the reason I love doing my weekday wardrobe posts - because it gives people an opportunity to see the different ways to build an outfit with the same items. Take this outfit for example.

Very simple. And generally something I would just throw on and wear to whatever - and then when I came home the clothing would get washes and put back in their regular rotation. Which means the jeans would be worn again within a day or so depending on what look I was going for and the shirt would go to the back of the closet to be put on hold. But now that I have put a big emphasis on layering, styling, and loving my closet - I can turn the outfit above into an entirely different ensemble by adding a few more items.

Top: NoVae Clothing
Cardigan: NoVae Clothing
Scarf: NoVae Clothing
Jeans: NoVae Clothing
Shoes: DSW

See how a cardigan and a scarf can create a totally different outfit? That is why I love fashion my friends. Because I can take a basic look for everyday and wear it out and about, then a week later I can throw a few more items on and create a totally different feel for an outfit with the same staple items. So next time you look in your closet don't think "I have nothing to wear!" Make it an opportunity to design a brand new outfit.
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