Happy Birthday Disneyland!


I am interrupting my regular Friday post schedule to say.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEYLAND! All things, everything Disney and Disneyland. And we should all be celebrating! The park is probably packed to the max and filled to the brim. But does that matter? NO! Because we should all be there celebrating. Right? Right.

"On July 17, 1955, about 28,000 people (roughly half of whom had been sold counterfeit tickets) walked, for the first time, through the gates of Disneyland and into history. To say it didn’t go smoothly would be an understatement: The temperature was 101 degrees (hot, even for Southern California) and difficulties with both the plumbing system and the labor unions made it impossible for anyone to get a drink. Only a handful of the rides and attractions were open at all, and most of those were continually breaking down and closing. Even the animals—the horses and mules in the Wild West attractions—refused to cooperate. That walk may have been historic, but it was made even more difficult by all the asphalt—poured only a few hours earlier—that kept sticking to everyone’s shoes." via
PicMonkey Collage

But look how far we have come! I say we because I honestly believe I am part of the park and the experience. You'll notice that every photo is featuring a grown up Deidre - either from high school, a trip with my parents, with my EFY people, or with Adam's family because his Mom is an expert Disneyland ticket winner... but that isn't because I didn't go in my youth - in fact, my photo box at home is full of Disneyland photos from my youth. I grew up on Disney and grew up attending Disneyland on a regular basis thanks to my Dad's business trips. Some people grow out of it, but I don't think I ever will. Ask Adam. I request we go on a regular basis. And I will take ANY excuse to keep going. See you on the Disney side!
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