Weekday Wardrobe


This post has been a long time coming. From Alabama I was home for two days, then off to California. From California I flew to Utah to pick up my new puppy. The next week was spent trying to train a puppy, clean a house, and unpack from back to back trips. Which meant I went awhile without even taking a single outfit picture. Then once I finally started to get back on track and even took time to weed my whole backyard my allergies decided I didn't deserve to get ready and so the next two days were spent recooping so I could pack up for on more trip down to Utah for Alt. So... what I am getting at is this 5 days of clothing is from last month and then there will be a two week gap. Enjoy!

Monday | Top: Forever21 | Shorts: Aeropostale | Sneaks: Converse Outlet
Tuesday | Hat: Cents of Style |Top: Fight the New Drug | Leggings: Gap | Sneaks: Converse Outlet
Wednesday | Top: Gap | Belt: Little Black Fashion Truck | Skirt: Soel | Heels: Dillard’s | Necklace: Jane
Thursday | Top: ToAdorn | Skirt: Target | Flats: Payless
Friday | Top: Caralase | Leggings: Gap | Sandals: Sanuk

First two days are from my last two days in Alabama, and the rest are of me trying to get back into the workday grind. My favorite outfit was Tuesday because I love the shirt, the converse, and the hat. Basically I put on all my travel clothing all day because I just felt good about it. Also, I really loved Thursday's outfit because I was able to wear purple to support my friends with CF. But now here I am, finally back from trips on trips and ready to get back in a groove. So hopefully I get back on outfit sharing track. Which is your favorite ensemble from all the simples I shared?
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