Bachelorette Season 11: Week 2


Okay. So it is all official. Kaitlyn is the Bachelorette. Lots of guys that voted for Britt got to stay. Britt is somewhere crying and a really bad musician is about to knock on her door. That set up the whole scene for you, right? I hope so... because if not you need to go watch the whole thing on your own because I didn't have time to write a week one recap... I might go back and fill in the blanks later because I feel like it is a missing puzzle piece right now. But you can check out my meet the guys post, and that is where I will leave it just because I don't feel like mixing Britt and Kaitlyn again - clearly a bad idea ABC - I am going to start with the Britt recap, because it is shorter. Nashville Brody knocks on the door as Britt is crying to Mama that she lost. They are spending every day together. They both want to be famous. And now they are dating. I like them together. But also... now that Chris and Whitney broke up - I know, I was shocked too - maybe Chris will go find Britt? I still feel really good about those two together.

Let's start this whole thing with group date number one. Fight Night. And only one man wins. Clearly this was a bad idea Kaitlyn. You get however many competitive men in one room training and boxing and then fighting for a belt, you are clearly going to end up with at least one injury. I am speaking from experience - tangent time - because Adam and I used to have wrestle night and the winner got a dollar store belt and he bled at least once and I cried at least twice... so I don't really know how you were expecting to just have a some light boxing fun! And I am also shocked Jared beat Kuppah. But I am not surprised Ben Z came out victorious because he is the strongest of all the fitness trainers on this season. I think the rose went to the right man. And I think Kaitlyn is off to kissing more contestants than Prince Farming. So there is always that....

Then the one on one. An underwater photo shoot. Which is apparently all the rage for engagements? I don't totally get it. But their photos looked killer. I did, however, find it strange that the photographer was like, "Take break," and they just started making out in the water. I also thought it was strange that Kaitlyn was so into Clint because he didn't say much - in fact, I only ever heard him say. "I feel that way too." To literally every single thing that Kaitlyn said. But apparently she digs a man that doesn't have his own thoughts and feels? He gets the rose because their chemistry is off the charts.

The final group date of the episode? A little stand up comedy. With Amy Schumer who loves all the guys and it looking forward to taking whoever Kaitlyn eliminate - with the exception of JJ because he is a serious tool. Comedy acts are quick and slightly painless - some great, some not so great. Tony the Healer is a class act and doesn't tell jokes but tells his feelings. And JJ spends all his time saying how he is better than everyone and I hate him more. But somehow he walks away with the rose.

And then the cocktail party - where the three men with roses say they will let those without dates get a chance to talk to her first, until JJ shows his truly tool-ish colors and snags her before she is even done toasting. Then the rest of the night is focused on Kupah going crazy, talking loud, talking trash, being sent home, and then we are left with a to be continued as he is flipping out at his exit interview.

The one thing I do not like about Bachelorette is that they all wear similar things and so I can't say who was best dressed at the cocktail party. Which is a total bummer because I really loved picking out my favorite gowns. My favorites right now are Ben Z., Shawn, and Josh - but that could always change as we move pass the surface level stuff. Who are your favorites in these first two episodes? What do you think happened with Kupah? And do you really think those two guys fall in love? Tune in tonight! Can't wait to hear what you think.
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