Mr. Alpha Chi


Something that I have LOVED since moving to Idaho and starting to work at Boise State is learning about Greek Life. Since I went to BYU where Greek Life is non-existent and all I have learned is from shows like Greek, House Bunny, and Legally Blonde, it has been so interesting to me. I actually started at Boise State during recruitment week for the sororities - which is so busy and the whole building is packed with women hoping to join a sorority and a lot of perfume - so I got the full head on experience right away. And from that moment on it has been lots of questions and lots of immersion in all that is Greek. A few of the local titleholders for Miss Idaho this year are part of Greek Life so they have been recruiting me to judge different events. During Greek Week I judged the talent show - hilarious - and last weekend I judged the Mr. Alpha Chi pageant for Alpha Chi Omega. It was put on by one of our titleholders and all the money raised was donated to The Women's and Children's Alliance.

I was totally impressed with the program. There were 16 men competing for that coveted title - some in fraternities and some that just admired the Alpha Chi women and all they did. The program was mirrored after the Miss America program - probably since the director competes. 

So the day started with interview. We had a 5 on 1 interview with each contestant for 5 minutes. We were able to ask them anything and everything - a lot of it focused around their Boise State experience, why they were competing, their hobbies, and what a healthy relationship meant to them. They all looked so great in their ties, and their answers were spot on. I really enjoyed getting to know them! Especially because I see a bunch of them coming in and out of my office in Conference Services.

The on stage portion was swimsuit/pickup line, talent - some not so much talent, and eveningwear/on stage question. My favorite pickup line was a kid that dressed up like a whale and started it all with, "Whale, whale, whale...." He was all worried because he doesn't have a swimsuit bod so he thought he would take advantage of his costume. So funny. Best talent? For sure the Mean Girl dance. Full on - Santa costume, speaker to kick off the stage, getting down to Jingle Bell Rock. I died. SERIOUSLY died. I was laughing so hard. And then all the guys had great answers for their on stage question. Seriously... all around good guys.

My favorite part of the whole night? Seeing how much hard work and dedication these men put into the things they find important in their life. Their brotherhood, their college career, service, and philanthropy. This guys give Greek life a good name and they set a high standard for those around them.

And that brings me back to where this round about post all started - Greek Life and all that I am learning about it. Not only am I impressed with this program, but I am constantly impressed with all that these sororities and fraternities do. College age men and women that are consistently being role models in the community, raising awareness for issues that are becoming more relevant, and supporting philanthropy on a regular basis. I have seen them raise hundreds of thousands of dollars just during my 9 months here at Boise State that has all gone to organizations like Make-A-Wish, Relay for Life, Girls on the Run, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and so on. I am so glad to be here at Boise State to see the family of student come together for the best causes. You know what is up for me next in regards to Greek life? I am officially an advisor over recruitment for the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. And I cannot wait.
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