How We Wore It: April Florals


Another month, another go at a how we wore it post! Let me give you a little refresher on how this works. All of us were given the same “inspiration outfit” and we were asked to create our own take on it once we let our creative juices flow. Any outfit can be inspired by the colors, the patterns, the pieces, or the textures is fine. So our how we wore it is coming from the inspiration side – with things we already have! Because not many people have the luxury to just go buy a new outfit based on what they see on Pinterest, so you have to work with what you have. First up is the look we used for our inspiration.

via Little Miss Fearless

So every month I sign up for this challenge that Brooke puts on because let's be honest. I love it. But this month I wasn't quite in my right mind frame to do it. Actually, mind frame was right - time frame was not. We got the official challenge details while I was in Utah for the weekend with nothing that matched the inspiration and no camera. I got back late Sunday night. Monday I had to stay late at work. And then tonight I picked yoga and a movie over getting this all done. So late at night I cruised home to remember I had forgotten. So I pulled out my floral items. My favorite jeans. A few cardigans. A pair of wedges. And put picked out the things that I felt inspired to piece together thanks to Amanda's darling outfit. I turned a dress into a top and wahhhh la! Here you have it my friends.

Cardigan: Gap
Floral Top (Dress): PinkBlush
Jeans: Gap
Wedges: Target

A little grainy but you get the idea right? I must say, they turned out pretty good for 10PM after a long day + sneaking onto my neighbors drive way since it had much better light. Either way... I was very inspired by Amanda's top and loose fitting cardigan. Her look was so classy and comfortable looking. I wanted to go with that vibe.

Now that you have taken my take on the look make sure you see what my friends came up with! A bunch of babes with styles all their own. And that is what makes this whole project awesome, and why I keep coming back! You can check them out here – Brooke at Silver Lining - Bonnie at Life of Bon - Megan at And Here's to You, Mrs Robinson - Brooklyn at A Little Too Jolley - Laura at Sincerely, Laura - Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday - Kyla at FordOlogy - Kallie at Life Through a Lens - Kaycie at Redhead Memories.
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