My Husband


After how these last few weeks again I would feel incredibly embarrassed if I didn't publicly thank my husband. So if you aren't into reading about other people's marriage, I would say steer clear of this post.

Most of you know that my husband plays professional baseball. And that he is on the road, in a different state from April until September playing baseball and pursuing a dream that he has worked so hard for. Some of you have sent me encouraging notes and told me things like, "You are so strong." Or, "I don't know how you do it." But this week on one of the most boring and sad nights since he left, I had a realization... the only reason I am able to be so supportive is because of the person I am supporting.

Adam is the most wonderful man and he takes time every day to show me how appreciative he is of me and of our marriage. He takes time to show me support in the job that I have, the same way that I show him support. Last year was a learning experience for us. We learned what things were not helping a long distance marriage.. and while I was nervous going into a second year of baseball, Adam has calmed all my nerves. He remembers what things were hard for me last year and he has done everything in his power to make it easier for me. Every morning I wake up to a call or FaceTime from him. Every night ends with scriptures and prayer over the phone or through Google+. And the moments in between are never dull. They are filled with plenty of selfies, short phone calls, random photos, tweets... you name it and he does it. He lets me know every day how much he loves me. Sometimes I wonder how the heck I got someone so wonderful! Because let me tell you something, I really lucked out.

And because of the man I am married to it is easy to be strong and supportive. It is a lot easier to live those months apart when he makes me feel special states away. It is a lot easier to live those months apart when I know he is working so hard and that this journey isn't in vain. It is incredible what you can accomplish when you are supporting someone you love. I certainly never thought this would be my life, but I am lucky it is... because this time apart is making us stronger. And I love Adam more and more every single day.
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