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Yesterday my friend and I were talking about getting healthy. Breaking treat addictions. And what we need to do to get in shape and take back our health. Because it seems to be a common theme for the new year. She said, "What do you reward yourself with when you don't have food?" Being a treat head and a snacker.. I feel like this is a very valid question. I used to always reward myself with food. Cleaned the house? Have some ice cream. Did all the laundry? Have a cookie. Accomplished something super awesome? Grab a cupcake. And it wasn't just me! It is something we are taught from a young age. Win your little league game? We go for pizza. Finish your dance recital? Head to DQ for Blizzards. Graduate from high school or college? Big family dinner. It is society's way of thinking. But then a friend posted a quote that has really stuck with my and I realized it was TIME TO STOP. It goes a little something like this....

So ever since that it has been me thinking out of the box. What things does a human deserve for doing something hard? Or great? Or just regular but for some reason that day it seemed super awesome? veryone will have their own version of what a reward is. It could be something that makes you look good like clothes or jewelry. It could be something the makes you feel good like a facial or a massage. Find out what is rewarding to you, whether it be some alone time or some time out with your friends and make THAT a reward. Here are 50 ideas to get you started!

  1. Pick up a new nail polish color
  2. Go peruse the local thrift stores
  3. Watch 30 extra minutes of TV that night
  4. Indulge in a show you usually don’t let yourself watch
  5. That top you have been eyeing at the store
  6. Head to the mall to do some window shopping
  7. One night of pure sweatpants and no obligations to anyone without any guilt
  8. Enjoy a footrub
  9. Sign up to run a race
  10. Memorize your favorite song or poem
  11. Go to Barnes and Nobel and just sit and read
  12. Call someone to tell them about what you did
  13. Buy some new workout clothing
  14. Rent a movie from Redbox
  15. Take a bubblebath
  16. Buy yourself some flowers
  17. Get a massage
  18. Take a few brag minutes and share it on Facebook or Instagram
  19. Head to the gym and try out a new class
  20. Re-arrange your furniture or hangup a picture in a new spot
  21. Get a new book and just sit back
  22. Go bowling
  23. Make time to write thank you cards to people that have served you the last month
  24. Get a spray tan
  25. Visit your family or friends
  26. Go to bed early, no really, don’t make excuses or worry about finishing up anything, just hit the pillow
  27. Take a nice long nap
  28. Get onto iTunes and download some new music
  29. Go to Yoga or Barre Method or whatever new workout you want to try
  30. Get Pinterest crazy and find a new craft to enjoy
  31. Do a homemade facial with honey and oatmeal
  32. De-clutter your closet
  33. Jump in your car and go adventuring
  34. Buy some jewelry
  35. New workout clothes
  36. Pick out a new purse
  37. Take a break and head to a museum of sorts
  38. YouTube funny videos
  39. Vacuum the house
  40. Go see a matinée by yourself
  41. Lay around and do absolutely nothing
  42. Go to your local library and check out a book on tape
  43. Sleep in as long as you want and don’t feel guilty
  44. One hour of phone-free time
  45. Get a manicure or pedicure
  46. Do something that really scares you
  47. Plan a girls night with your besties
  48. Pick out a new color of lipstick
  49. Go for a walk on a beautiful day
  50. Get out there and volunteer
So what do you think? Are you ready to step back from those cupcakes and reward yourself with something new? Share your ideas here for everyone! What do you like to reward yourself with?
Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

My husband is a firm believer in rewarding himself with food. I don't get it! But apparently him bribing himself works...weird.

I am a "cross-it-off" type of thrill seeker/motivator. Great list!

Ashley Z. said...

I agree, I mean, whatever, sometimes I think eating a donut after is what I freaking want, haha but at the same time... why work out or try to fix your health and then just reward yourself with food that isn't benefiting? Because come on, who is going to reward themselves with healthy food?? NOT ME! Hahaha, but I try to reward myself with buying cuter work out clothes, or new shoes, or like you listed... NEW MUSIC!! :) I love this list!! So clever!

the florkens said...

15, 16, and 21 are right up my alley -- and honestly, would be preferred over some sweet treat. That being said, I sometimes "treat" myself to healthy snacks as reward for a job well done. For example, I LOVE pomegranates, but they are like $2 each. So I'll buy a few for the whole week and when I've had a hard day I'll treat myself to it.


Life with Amberly said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for this list and this post! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

Oh my gosh! Sometimes I'm like, "I deserve this brownie for being so incredibly healthy these past two months." haha. What in the world! This is perfect for me, because, well, I reward myself with food probably 40% of the time! haha.

Sadie Nilsson said...

This post is genius!

Brielle said...

you're a serious genius. write all my blog posts for me? thanks.

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