Getting Rid of Addictive Habits


Another day, another promise. I promise to be happy. I promise to take back my health. And I promise to get rid of addictive habits. I feel beyond lucky that my addictive habits aren't more serious. Some people struggle with much more difficult and troublesome things than I do, and I will be the first to admit that. But that doesn't mean I don't have things that are keeping me from excelling and doing well in my life.

I am saying so long to my treat-head ways and so long to Candy Crush. Ironic that both have to do with sugar? 

I have come to realize that I will never be able to complete my first promise of taking back my health if I don't agree to go without a daily treat. Literally. Every single day I say to Adam, "We should get _________ (fill in the blank with ice cream, cupcake, soda, etc.) because I worked hard/had a bad day/want to celebrate/and so on." And every day I make Adam feel bad because he has to tell me no. He has to tell me no because I told him he had to, because it was becoming a problem. And then he feels bad because he knows I really want it and he hates when I get pouty. Because I always do. So I am going to cut the habit right out of my life. The treat asking has to stop because it isn't conducive to my health or mine and Adam's relationship. There will still be some times for treats, but we can all say farewell to my need for a treat every day and every weekend and every date night. It is excessive and addictive.

There have been a lot of days when Adam and I are about to do something and I have to tell him, "Hold on. Let me finish this game of Candy Crush." What is the problem with this situation? First, the fact that a game is keeping me from time with my husband which is limited to start with. And second, that I am so glued to my game that I can't even think to pause it to pay attention to something live, right in front of my face. So good bye. Candy Crush. You are deleted. And I am not looking back.

Peace out addictive habits. I am sure throughout the year I will pick up on more addictive habits here and there, and I will tell you because I want to be honest in my person and in my writing. But for now those two are the promises. One addictive habit which needs to be changed to keep my first promise, help me to be more happy, and better my relationship. And a second habit that needs to be changed because real life will always be better than a game.

Kendra Kozlowski said...

I think we may be the same person! Haha, I also ask my hubby to get me treats on the daily. This is also one of my goals of the new year! I did good yesterday! We can motivate each other! I hope you reach your goals, you can do it!

Life with Amberly said...

So this is my questions, what do you reward yourself with when you don't have food?! hahaha, that's the thing I need to figure out :P

Jenn @ Party of One said...

Loved this a lot! I'm trying to break my addictive habit of drinking soda- specifically coke but people look at you funny when you say you've got a Coke addiction... ;). I've done it before and I'm going to do it again- this is the year!

Tayler Morrell said...

One thing that I am so proud of is that I have never, ever played a single game of Candy Crush!

Also, I feel the same way with my husband and treats...husbands love to spoil their is so hard for them to say no to the woman they love! And sometimes I feel bad asking him after I've told him to tell me "No" no matter what!

Heather said...

I refuse to even download Candy Crush because it seems so addictive!

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