The Bachelor Season 18: Week 1


I blog The Bachelor one week behind. So while everyone else put up their post about episode one last week, mine is coming today. To remind you of how wonderful it was and to prep you for tonight. Now that we have got that out of the way, here we go.

So we begin with the intros. First of all, I was very upset there were not more women that tried to speak Spanish to Juan Pablo. Especially after all of them seemed to be practicing on the pre-show show on Sunday. I was also surprised by the amount of women that simply forgot to tell JP their name. Like, a lot of them. They were all more nervous than ever before as well. However, there were a few that totally stood out to me. I loved the piano entrance, the soccer ball entrance, and the dog.

Now let us go to the talking part of the evening. JP started off the night with a dance party, my kind of get together. And you would think that would break the ice for everyone, but not so much. Most girls seemed totally chill. Joking about his muscles, really opening up, ya know, the usual. But there is always one nutso one, that would be Lucy with no shoes. Her occupation is "free spirit". Which I think says enough. Then there is always a crier. I felt bad for her because her story of engagement broke off by a phone call really was sad. And who knew "dog lover" was a profession? Weird. Also... that massage from Amy J was creepy. And awkward. Then the first impression rose and everyone freaks. But I was not surprised that Sharleen, the opera singer, got it. He seemed to dig her from talking in front of the fountain. Although I was surprised it took her so long to say yes. I seriously felt a no coming on.. alas, no drama.

Now onto the handing out of the roses. To be honest, in the first episode there are no surprises because you see so little of all the girls. The only surprise is when JP called for "Kat" and "Kylie" walked up. Since when does KY-LEE and CAT sound the same? Since never. His accent isn't that thick honey. I felt sad and sorry for her. Especially because he didn't even give her a pity rose later in the ceremony. I was sad that he did not pick Maggie. She seemed like a doll. Here are my top girls and top dresses.

Best Dresses:
1. Sharleen \\ 2. Andi \\ 3. Christine L.

Top 5 Girls from Week One:
1. Andi \\ 2. Renee \\ 3. Lauren S \\ 4. Kay \\ 5. Sharleen

Well tune into tonight for some more JP love. I hope the crazy kicks in tonight! Who are you cheering for? What did you think of last week's episode?
Kat Frazier said...

Oh my freak i need to watch this! I am in love with him!!! Let's play soon girly!
Kat |

Shane Prather said...

Andi and Renee are my faves!!!

Brooklyn Jolley said...

We don't get ABC so I'm trying to talk my husband into going to the gym every Monday night so I can watch it on their tv haha.

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for poor Kylie. I've heard that filming lasts all night and when that scene was shot, it was 6 am. She must have been exhausted/delusional.

Life with Amberly said...

I'm so sad that they never posted it online for me to watch because I missed the middle half of it! Tonight I will be parked in front of my TV for the whole show though! :) Sorry husband...

Mara and Jae said...

so i'm a little behind on my blog life lately, but i just read that you're moving to AZ. so fun!! i always wanted the chance to move out of state with the hubs and have that away from home time just the two of us. but then i got pregnant and that idea went out the window :)

maybe someday. but i'm super excited for you! and i'm also super excited to watch bachelor tonight. haha.

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