Photography Opens The Door To Time Travelling


Right now in a Brooklyn studio, a New York commercial Photographer is taking pictures of a new product, to bring up the new campaign for promoting it. At the same time, somewhere in Europe there is a girl taking pictures of her Caesar salad and posting it on Instagram. Photography is now integrated into our lives as a job, as a hobby and as a simple process in which we, all of us take part. Pressing the camera’s button means capturing not only a salad, a product or a place, it is capturing a moment. Afterwards the moment is gone but here is the picture of it, which is now a memory, a reflection of the past.

Memories are those soulful particles, which keep us alive and make us who we are. Memories define us. Every single man’s photograph defines him and what he is, what he looks like and how his eyes look at the camera and at the life in general. Technically, photography changes every day. The style of the photos, the way they are taken is constantly changing. The only thing about photography which stays the same, is the power it has to transform our present moments in timeless pictures. It is great to have a photo album at home which once opened takes you to your childhood, your best friend’s birthday or to your wedding. Photography opens the door to time traveling.

Only looking at a picture can create the moments you have lived once again. There is always something really mysterious about images. It seems that an image is like a painting, it is on a paper, it is not moving but at the same time it has this incredible strength to move our thoughts, to take us to places we have never been to, to the moods we had and to the emotions we once felt.

Photography is one time machine of your soul. It is everywhere and it is for everyone. Starting with people and ending up with businesses. Every company that produces something or is offering services, needs to take pictures for its products or services. This art became a job for many people. People who are lucky to do it, because usually photographers start doing this as a hobby, afterwards it develops into a professional skill and then a job. It is an awesome work because photographers get to do what they like. The result is great and the clients end up having beautiful photographs. This is the industry, the hobby and the art of the photography.

Some of my favorite photos from growing up^^^
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