I know, I am a little behind. But life has thrown me a bajillion curve balls. So I didn't feel like actually typing a post with content until now. So... back to a few weeks ago. You might have seen this gem on my insta. 

I was honored to be the event manager for the Boise State Football team at our hotel. I can tell you they stayed at the Provo Marriott now that the events over. It was way fun to work with an Idaho group. They were really laid back and easy to work with. Which I loved. They have what they call a "blue collar style". Super chill and no extra demands. Keep it simple. I got along really well with my contact, which is why I ended up with tickets and field passes. Adam and I were pumped because it was our first game of the year and my brother was pumped because that meant he could come to the game too. 

See. My Dad had 4 box suite tickets that had been shared with him from BSU. Adam and I claimed them. Sorry, brothers. But then the day of the game I got handed tickets so I was able to get my brother and Noah into the game too. And once we got there. Turns out there were two more box passes so Sean and Noah could join us high in the sky for a Cougar win!

Okay. So this is my nephew Noah. He is hilarious. He kept saying, "I've never been in a box like this before." And he would shine that pumpkin flash light so the people on the other side of the field would know he is cheering for BSU. He also offers to open your soda pop can and really doesn't like getting his photo taken when he has lots of sugar.

My favorite part of my Dad's connections with the Idaho team is getting a picture taken with Adam in the box. The very first time my parents met Adam was when we got him up in the box during the Idaho game. And the tradition has lived on for 3 years... I really hope my Dad keeps good ties with these people.

It was so fun being back at BYU for Adam and I since we are both (well Adam is a semi-grad as he finishes up his online class for graduation, but since he isn't on campus he considers himself a grad) graduates now. Seeing old friends, singing the first song, and just thinking back on all the memories. And of course being there for a football game is always fun - the energy is like nothing else at LES. Have you been to any good games this year? What is your favorite part about visiting your Alma mater?
Life with Amberly said...

I thought maybe you got bangs, and then I realized that was an old photo! :) But what a fun tradition!

Pamela said...

Oh how fun!!!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I have always wanted to go to a BYU game! I think I went to one when I was a little kid but that doesn't count in my book. How lucky that your dad has all those connections! That is so awesome!

Rachel Porter said...

gahhh i've always wanted to experience The Lodges!!!! or Loges, whatever they're called. When I worked for events staff, whoever got to work in them were the "chosen ones" lol

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