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I know I already talked about Adam this week... but I am just so darn proud of him! Yesterday he was featured in The Missoulian, which is the newspaper where his current team is located. This baseball road has been a long and bumpy one. We've had awesome games, we've had mediocre games, we've had games we wish would just disappear, we've been angry, sad, and happy, we've had moments of success and failure, we've had more tears - from me - than I ever thought possible in baseball, and most of all we've had a great time learning from everything we have encountered.

Adam has come a long way in baseball. After a two year mission, two years without even seeing a baseball, he came back ready to play but had a more difficult time getting his control back than we thought. From 2012 at BYU to 2013 at BYU to 2013 with the Missoula Osprey he has worked hard and he has improved. I am so proud of him. I'm not only proud of Adam for his hard work in baseball, but I admire him for making a choice to turn down the draft in high school to go to on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Miller knew he wanted to serve as a Mormon missionary even before professional baseball became a possibility. But a two-year rite of passage in the LDS community meant walking away from the game just as scouts starting taking notice of the California native.

Unfortunate timing perhaps, Miller thought, but his path was never in doubt.

“I’d kind of made a commitment before I left to completely dedicate myself to what I was going to do down there, and I knew I’d receive blessings for doing so,” said Miller, who left school following his freshman year. “Baseball is something that I loved, but I knew if I completely cut myself loose from baseball, when I came back it was going to be there in greater abundance for me. And it’s definitely turned out that way.”
Read the whole article here.

And I appreciate him for turning down the draft last year to come back to BYU to improve and be with his team. And on top of that, I appreciate him turning it down last year so we could get married. Because I really love him. Adam is the epitome of dedication and hard work, in everything he does. He makes me a better person. He is a wonderful example of the gospel to everyone he meets. He makes whoever he is around feel comfortable and he is always making people laugh. He is a gentleman and knows the importance of respect. He is my other half... in fact, he is my better half.
Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

Aww this is SO great! I was at the Cardinals game last night and the crowd went wild when the announcer boomed "and making his National league debut..." And I instantly thought of you and Adam. Can't wait for you two to have that moment!! xoxo.

Amberly said...

Ah, this is sweet! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

You have an amazing husband! I'm so excited for him & especially for his example.

Jessa @ Life of A Sports Wife said...

I am so excited that he is with the Dbacks organization. I think he will fit in great with the guys. I can't wait for spring training. I'm so happy for you both.


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