Highly Bedazzled


High heels. High heels. Really high heels. That is me and that is who I am. The guys at work always ask how I wear my heels every single day? Especially the day that I volunteered the entire day in the kitchen. But I have an easy explanation. It is the pageant girl in me. And to show you just how much the pageant girl is me, I paired my most bedazzled heels with my Miss America tee. 
Tee: Miss America Organization \\ Jeans: Gap \\ Shoes: Shoelovin'
Sunglasses: Cotton On \\ Earrings: Maurices \\ Bangles: Gifted

Have you voted for my outfit at Reality Blogger? Well what are you waiting for!?
Amy said...

Looove those heels! You are rockin' them girl! I've gotten that question a lot too, "how do you walk in those things?"

But the fact is I feel more confident in some awesome heels, so by golly I WILL walk in them! (Even if I stumble a few times)

Mara and Jae said...

those heels are not messin around!!! ;) love them.

i, too, love to wear heels whenever possible, but now that i'm 7 months pregnant....the heels have taken a backseat in my closet unfortunately. it's sad, but they're just not a reality right now. i try to still wear a pair at least once a week, but it's getting harder and harder. but i still love them!!

Tayler Morrell said...

Some coworkers of mine ask me how I can wear heels all day teaching middle schoolers. I just answer, "I like my heels."
Our Fairy Tale

Cece said...

The heels are so cute! They dress up any outfit perfectly. I WISH I could rock heels all day every day but my feet just won't take it and comfort trumps fashion for me most of the time. I'm wearing flats as we speak.

Michelle said...


Jessica Ashcroft said...

I love those shoes girly!! So fabulous! Seriously though...I don't know how I would wear those without falling on my face :)

xo, Jessica

Alacia Hood said...

I love everything about this!

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

You are just stunning my dear!

Kelsey Bang said...

looking good girl! lovin the sparkle heels! :)

Vicki Psarias said...

I adore Gap jeans and always go back to them! Love those sparkly heels, you look gorgeous! I don't usually add my link but I would love it if you linked up to my new style linky Fashion Friday http://mummysgotstyle.com/fashion-friday-launches/

Vicki Psarias said...

Thanks so much for linking up-please do link to my post or add my badge! Thanks! http://mummysgotstyle.com/fashion-friday-launches/

P. said...

CAN I HAVE YOUR SHOES!? They are faaaaaaaaaaaabulous! I have a lot of mile-high stilettos. They are the best (they hurt, but they are the best).


Ana Paula

Ellya Brill said...

Love those shoes....!


Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Love your fun accessories!

Thank you for linking up with Friday’s Fab Favorites!

Lauren xx

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