Cute And Clever Ways To Wrap A Wedding Gift


If you are anything like me - your fridge is FULL of announcements. It is wedding season in Utah and today I have Marcela here to talk about fun ways to wrap things up for this wedding season. Take it away girl!

For many of us, giving a present can be as much a joy as it is to receiving one, and wedding presents are no exception. Although wedding registries make sure the couple doesn’t get a room full of white elephants, they can also make the process a little less personal. To make your gift truly memorable, it’s a great idea to put a little extra thought into how you present it. Here are a handful of ideas that are not only endearing, but also incredibly practical.

Unique paper
Of course, you can always find clever high-end wrapping paper at your favorite paper boutique, but a little creativity can express much more personality (and save a little money). A quick glance around the house might provide numerous options: old catalogues, atlases, old calendars or newspapers.
Go paper free with a themed gift.
Make a baking basket, a movie night basket, or a spa kit!
For a truly personalized touch, a collage-wrap is a striking and easy DIY method. First, wrap the present with an understated paper—either actual wrapping paper or something more plain, like butcher wrap or an inside-out grocery bag. Next, use a glue stick or spray glue to attach clippings from magazines. For extra visual texture, carefully hand-tear images.

Paper-free wrapping
Even if you’re using recycled or discarded paper, chances are it will be thrown away after giving only a few seconds of pleasure, so to be truly eco-conscious, consider making the presentation an element of the gift. Scarves, monogrammed towels or tablecloths lend themselves perfectly to this purpose, as do antique jars or tins if the present is an appropriate fit. Reusable tote bags or pouches are another option; they are as practical as they are green.

Themed wrapping
If the wedding happens to have a particular motif, run with it in your gift’s presentation. For example, if the wedding has a seaside or beach theme, consider using mother-of-pearl wrapping paper and festoon the item with miniature shells and mock-jetsam in lieu of ribbons. Even if the event is a standard, theme-free affair, you can still incorporate a narrative that reflects the couple’s lives (careers, future plans, the story of how they met, etc).

Show off you artistic abilities by
making your own bows or stamping your
own wrapping paper.
Custom-made paper

On the same wavelength as themed or collaged paper, this avenue lets the couple know you’ve spent some time thinking about them. Start with a large swath of craft paper, then add patterns and/or images according to your artistic abilities.

If you have the flair for it, write a few stanzas from a poignant poem in calligraphy. If not, go for stamps or stencils for hand-crafted patterns. Or, you might want to take a trip to Kinko’s to print up a computer-designed layout.
Alt ribbons and bows 
To embellish a present, traditional bows and ribbons do the job; however, there are several other alternatives to ribbons and bows for a finishing touch on a gift. Use your imagination, and if you’re going with some kind of theme, extend it to the final touches. If the wedding is close to Christmas, consider using garlands and ornaments. A spring wedding may call for artificial flowers and garlands. Use wire ribbon to anchor glass pieces from a junk-store chandelier—and so on. Details can truly bring it all together.
These suggestions are only the beginning and the possibilities are more limited by your imagination than your budget. The true secret is to let the couple know you truly know them at a deeper level. As long as that comes through, your gift will be remembered—regardless of what’s beneath the wrapping.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer founder of Gryffin Media in Southern California whose writing covers DIY, home improvement, marketing and technology. When wrapping a wedding gift, she always adds a personal touch to stand out from the rest.
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Amberly said...

I'm a terrible present wrapper, so this will be helpful! surprisingly, all of the announcements on my fridge disappeared, but I did have a full fridge about a month ago. I guess everyone I know decided to get married in the spring :P

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