3 Tips for Staying Fashionable While Camping


Ah, camping in the great outdoors; full of stunning views, fresh air, and wildlife! Unfortunately, nature can also be full of dirt, bugs, and sweat, while also severely lacking in showers. Despite this, it is still possible to stay clean and fashionable out in the wild. By following a few packing and styling tips, you may be able to look your best, even when camping in the rough.

1. Bring items with multiple uses
The more uses you can find for each object you take, the lighter your pack will be, and the more space you will have. When you are outside all day, you may find two natural enemies --- mosquitoes and the sun. Lobster-red is a hard look to pull off, and being covered in itchy welts from bug bites is not particularly attractive either. To avoid irritation, bumps, sunburns, and wrinkles while still saving space, bring a combination bug-repellent and sunscreen with you.This way you can protect your skin without weighing yourself down. I always make sure to grab a bottle of the repellent and sunscreen combo, a pack of the band aids already containing Neosporin on the gauze, and the Colgate Whisps that are toothpaste and toothpick all in one.

If you are car camping, footed pajamas (check out Crazy for Bargains if you want your own pair) can be great . They may help keep you warm if your sleeping bag just isn't cutting it and they can protect your body from mosquitoes at night. Perhaps, best of all, since your feet are covered, you can avoid rooting around for shoes and waking up your tent mate if you are going on a late night trip to the bathroom.

2. Clothing and Accessories
There are a variety of looks you can go for to stay in line with the functional outdoorsy camping theme. For example, a blaze orange top or hat with a camouflage bandanna or set of bottoms can make a practical yet stylish look. The bright orange and muted green go together great, but the camouflage will help conceal stains and dirt while the orange may make you easy to spot in case you get lost in the woods or there are hunters around. If that isn't your style, a black pair of running tights with some bright comfortable shoes or boots can be great for hiking. In addition to often being comfortable and breathable, running tights are generally lightweight and quick drying. As a result, they are easy to pack and can help you brave the elements. A camping trip can also be the perfect excuse to go buy a new hat, pair of sunglasses, or even a pair of those LL Bean boots you have been eyeing.

3. Keeping Clean
Camping - Stay CleanDepending on where you camp, there may be no showers or even running water available. However, this doesn't mean you can’t keep (relatively) fresh and clean. To keep your hair presentable, consider keeping it in a low-maintenance ponytail or braid. Another thing you can do to keep your mane magnificent is to bring a small bottle of dry shampoo. At the end of each day, you can let your hair down, and simply rub or spray it with the dry shampoo to help remove dirt and oil buildup. For the rest of your body, baby wipes can work great and can be used to replace everything from makeup remover to showers, and of course, toilet paper.

Camping can make staying clean and fashionable a little more difficult, but definitely not impossible. By carefully choosing the right items, you can look great while still carrying a light pack. This way you’ll be able to use your energy for doing and exploring, rather than carrying and lugging a huge number of products.

No matter what your summer camping plans are - going for one night or for one week - it is easy to keep yourself looking fashionable and fun for all those summer photos that will be popping up on Instagram and Facebook. Just pack light, pack smart, and roll out!
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