Wait For It


This week has been crazy.
Finishing our move.
Packing up Adam.
Both of us sick.
And this morning...
 I dropped him off at the airport.

These last couple days were meant for spending time with Adam. Today is for resting. And tomorrow hopefully it'll be one that has time to catch up with you all! Good luck Adam!
Amanda Schroeder said...

This sort of makes me sad. Just because it's rough being without your hubby! Please come on Saturday. Please please please!


Jessica said...

Congrats on Adam getting drafted!!! That is cool. When I was reading your last post I totally thought of the movie "42" because of the spring training, moving, etc. I wish you guys the best of luck! What an exciting time of life :)

Suzzie V said...

I hope the last few days were amazing!.I agree with Amanda it's tough to be without hubs. but being drafted is super exciting!. congrats

Amberly said...

I agree with Amanda!!! I hope we get to see you!!! And I can't even imagine what that would be like. We're all here for you if you need company!

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