Spring Has Sprung


Alright party people. It is for real for real Spring over here.... which is a big deal considering it snowed the first week of May! But last weekend at the baseball game everyone got sunburned. Which means the snow is away and the sun will play. Adam and I have exactly THREE weeks until he potentially disappears for the rest of the warmth - so we are starting our warm weather wish list.
Last spring was spent planning our wedding, taking trips to Idaho and California ( California just for Adam - he without me... that was sad), watching baseball, competing at Miss Idaho... and just staying busy in general. So this year we are going to enjoy it with just baseball and work on our plates. Want to know what some of my blog friends are looking forward to this spring?

AB Petite
This spring {next week in fact} we are going to Florida! We as in my husband Dylan, KJ my son, my momma, our friends and their little one. We are going to Disney World, Island of Adventure, the beach, and gonna do some relaxing at the pool. So excited for THIS spring!

Reupena Household

My favorite spring activity: Taking my kids to the park to enjoy the warm sun!

Caravan Sonnet
My favorite springtime activity is the opportunity to enjoy the warm and beautiful weather outside! I love spending time with family and friends hanging out, talking, laughing, or curling up with a good book in the sun! {Sometimes, as the picture shows, I also like to goof around with old cheerleading jumps! hehehe}

So what are you looking forward to now that the warm weather is rolling in for good? I cant wait for more baseball sun - with loads of sunscreen - and enough snow cones to put me into a hydrated sugar coma. Send me some warm weather ideas. Can't wait to hear from you!

Tayler Morrell said...

I'm excited to read outside as well as run in the evenings.

A Muse in Purple said...

I think we skipped Spring here in Yuma, it was 101 yesterday but either way warm weather makes me super duper happy for bbq's, trips to the river, naps poolside, and 4th of July - my favorite holiday!

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