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Time to be honest. About me. About my body.

If you follow my blog, twitter, or insta regularly you know that I eat out. I eat treats. I don't manage my portions. I do what my heart wants. And I don't do what my body needs even more. My fitness has always been a struggle. I don't care if I am a size 2. I don't care if I can fit into those white skinny jeans and look like a model. I don't care if I am buying a size "L". But I do care about being healthy. My husband deserves a healthy wife. And my kids will deserve a healthy mom. So it isn't about loosing pounds and pounds, it is about learning to maintain and live healthy.
Adam and I have been discussing weight and what not a lot lately. Mostly because since our wedding I have gained more than I care to admit. I am probably back to my heaviest weight at this point. Partly because I am done with pageants, I am not dieting for swimsuit competition or a wedding gown. I work full time and am always "too tired" -my excuse- to work out in the evening. And the other part comes from my PCOS weight gain. I didn't know I had PCOS until I had already gained and gained from it. And then once my levels had evened out I stopped taking my medicine, like two months before our wedding. Bad idea. Once my body figured it out, I gained and gained. Luckily, I realized the symptoms coming back and went to the doctor to get my hormone levels checked.... but that doesn't answer to the treats and not working out part of my lifestyle.

It also doesn't help me any that my husband can eat for days and still loose weight. When I see him eating burritos, I want some. When I see him eating chips, I want some. When I see him eating ice cream, I want some. Why doesn't he ever eat vegetables?!

1/4 PCOS without medicine + 1/2 lack of treat self control + 1/4 work out laziness = one unhealthy Deidre

And I have been thinking and thinking about how I could get back to the Miss Idaho swimsuit bod. And then I got an email from Revolt Fitness. I've been asked to join a group of bloggers for a program full of meal plans and work outs. As well as the support and love from everyone involved. So. I am doing it. Because something my Dad said to me really stuck, "Adam deserves a healthy wife." And Adam does because I want to be around forever. And I want to get healthy now so my kids don't have to watch their mom struggle with weight and fall into the same trap.... There should be some before photos here. But they got lost in the schedule when I decided to surprise Adam in CA. 

Get ready to watch my progress every Friday! And don't hesitate to ask me questions about my journey.

Amy said...

I'm excited for you lady!! I think you are absolutely stunning the way you are! But I definitely agree that treating our body as best as we can is important! Good luck :)

Chevron andLace said...

Way to go, Deidre! You are awesome and you can do anything you want to do! I'm sure that you will be successful in your quest for healthy... ness. Good luck and I'll keep checking back on Fridays so you better keep working, girl! ;)

Sue // Chevron & Lace

Amberly said...

I'm excited to see how it goes! I need to be better too, so maybe I'll be inspired!


Suzzie V said...

I'm so excited for you. Healthy just feels better and I always have more energy when I'm eating healthy. good luck! it will definitely be worth the work. you deserve it for yourself too!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Girl that is awesome! I recently had all those realizations, and I'm doing a workout/exercise regime. I've lost 14 pounds so far, and I'm feeling great!

Hailey. said...

This is really great! I need to re-motivate myself to be healthy again... it's so easy to fall off track! Good luck!!


Mell22C said...

good luck.. this first step is starting! look forward to seeing the results!

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