All Time & Underground


The BYU Baseball team has coined two phrases this past couple years. All time to describe the best things and underground to describe sneaking around and hiding stuff - aka bad things. It comes from a few discussion with an administrator in which he has said, "You guys better not be leaving underground..." or something like, "That win against LSU was all time!" So without further ado. Here are my all times and undergrounds from the last two weeks.
Bees game with my guy // new earring from Bijou Market // painted nails
Shirleys // Earth Day // My package from Misikko - best packaging evs
Noah announcing his baby sister // Costco dinner // Fly kicks and front rows
Living room // Baseball Husband // Sunday drive

  • Having a little girl pee on me in nursery.
  • Starting a diet that includes something I hate in every single meal. I cannot wait for this darn detox week to be over. Watch for a post about my time spent with Revolt Fitness.
  • Forgetting shoes on our road trip and thinking I would have to wear high heels to a baseball game.
  • Painting my nails and instantly smudging them all because I had to go to the bathroom so bad.
  • Adam only being home for like... two days before hitting the road again.
  • Doing dishes. And cleaning the house. But... I will have to get to use to that, right? Eventually...

All Time:
  • Weekend staycataion to SLC for a temple trip and a Bees game.
  • Adam having a lights out start last weekend.
  • Getting my living room re-decorated with my new Alexa Z Design prints.
  • Costco dinner for the diet from h-e-double barbie legs.
  • Finding out that my brother and sister in law will be adding another baby girl to the Edmunds clan!
  • Hana hair straightener waiting on my front porch. Watch for a review coming oh so very soon.
  • A successful nail painting, new earrings, and Shirley temples.
And so that is about it. Life is good and I am looking forward to more of those all time moments, because they happen more often than you would think. And most of the time, it is the simple things! What were you undergrounds and all times from last week? What simple things make your week the best?


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Tiff said...

You mean you don't like eating 8 hasrdboiled egg whites per day? I'm doing the detox week for Revolt this week too. I am loving steak for dinner every night!

Michelle said...

Your all times definitely outweigh your undergrounds, sounds like a great couple of weeks!

Suzzie V said...

underground for the week: starting to study for the gmat and realizing how much I've got to learn. all time: staring to study for the gmat! finally talked myself into doing it after wanting to for so long! bees games are an awesome all time!

amber.m said...

I started the detox 2 days late.... so everyone else is on their "cheat day" and I'm still here scarfing down this spinach. Ugh.
I don't hate any of it but the repetitiveness of it is killing me. I'm SO anxious for next week!

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