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Today I want to introduce you to Miss Khristena! She is new to blogging. So new, that this is her very first guest post. And I am so happy to have her here on my blog to intorduce her to the blogging world. Take it away girl!
Hi there! My name is Khristena and I blog over at Just One Grain .

I don’t really know what kind of blog to tell you guys that I’ve got, but I just blog about life in general.
I’m here today to tell you about my recent adventures to The Washington State Fair (also known as the Puyallup Fair). This last Saturday was my son’s 10th birthday! Perfect timing for a trip to the fair!
 We did all of your typical things, such as, games, rides, booths and of course food!

 After all that fun, we went to watch the demolition derby…because, who doesn’t like to see destruction?!?
 There was fireworks after the derby and then we were able to go down into the pits and see the destruction up close.
After all that fun, it was one last stop to the foot massage machine before heading home for the night. It’s always so much money fun to spend the day at the fair! Thanks for reading and come join me over at Just One Grain.
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