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Hey there! I'm Sharlee and my blog, Believing in Something, takes up a little space on the internet. Thanks to The Skinnys for Sharing their little space with me.

On my blog I recently participated in a Never Have I Ever link up. It was fun and made me think about all of the things that I'd never done. It also made me think of all the things that I always said I'd never do, but ended up doing anyway. Anyone else? I have learned: never say never. Marriage was probably the fastest teacher. Here are a few things that marriage taught me that I should never have "nevered" (say that three times fast!)
I will never: Kiss or be that affectionate in a public place...EVER!

Now: There are times when I am with Zach (that would be my husband of three point five years) in public and I can't stop staring at him...I'll kiss him multiple times...and I've been known to smack his bottom. Have I full-fledged made out with him where people could see? Um, I hope not? And that's enough for me to know I never should have said never.
I will never: Want to spend all my time with my significant other. Hello, I have a life of my own!
Now: Time with Zach trumps anything you can try to persuade me with. It's the best. I didn't know how good marriage was. I just didn't have a clue.
I will never: Cuddle. I'll need my space. I move too much. In fact, I'm not sure I can even share a bed with someone else (I used to have true anxiety about this...I loved the middle of my bed and I took up an entire queen-sized bed to myself when I was single.)
best place ever

Now: I loop myself around Zach like kudzu (Southern reference there!!!) I've got an arm tucked here, one leg wrapped around while the other is tucked under that leg, I'm holding this hand, and resting my head on his shoulder. Complete and total cuddler, that's me.
I will never: Make inappropriate jokes or comments. Inappropriate thoughts will never escape my mouth. I will not sacrifice class for my marriage.

Note: This picture is not of me and my husband but of me and my brother. Yes, it's a bit awkward for a marriage post. But if you were to look up the word "Inappropriate" in the dictionary, you would see a picture of my brother. So it's what I had to go with to match the message of the post. Proceed.
Now: It's safe to say Zach has seen me about as class-less as it comes at times. I make totally inappropriate remarks that sometimes I still can't believe escape my mouth (it's my brother's fault) and sometimes I'll even cover my mouth after I've said it, but it's too late. The words have escaped. The secret's out. I'm not an angel. I'm not always ladylike. Zach usually just laughs, but sometimes he, too, is shocked a bit and it takes him a minute to register, "Wait? Did my wife...Did Sharlee just say that?
family 2013

Clearly, I really like taking pictures in my yellow cardigan. That thing has definitely worn out it's welcome on my blog and now here on this one!
**I've got some more "nevers" on my blog today, I'd love it if you'd stop by and tell me what you used to "never."
Talisha Reupena said...

I love it! I have plenty of nevers!

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