"Stupid is as stupid does."


Let's be honest. I have done a lot of stupid things in my life. Some that I will gladly admit. And some... not so much. But I wouldn't have much to say if I wasn't willing to share the stupid things that I have done. But basically... the stupid things I am going to share are things that I am actually really okay with. Because everyone else might look at me and think, "What a dummy!" But I look at me and think, "What a great memory!" So, here you go. My top ten stupid moments that were only stupid to anyone on the outside.

10. Going to a formal dance dressed like this. All items were found at a thrift store, a costume box, or used for a Halloween party. We felt cool. But the "what the heck!?" looks were never ending.

9. Spending months... no, no.... years perfecting my dinosaur. There is a video of my raptor impression somewhere. I will find it for you if you so desire.

8. Posing like this. 

 7. Putting chocolate over our teeth to make it look like we were missing them... and then taking photos.... and then putting them on Facebook.

6. Dressing like pirates for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere.... three months after the movie had actually come out.

5. Drawing on myself with markers like a child. Then convincing my roommate to do the same thing because it was funny. And obviously, biggest mistake, not learning how to draw a proper mermaid.

4. Going to Walmart dressed like this. 

3. Letting Sarah's baby sister put this up in the backyard at a party we threw when her parents were out of town. Sarah's sister was only 11...

2. Putting my head in this. In public.

1. Dressing up as the entire HP clan - Luna, Trelawny, Rita, and a snitch to name a few - for the HP 7 midnight premiere. And the proceeding to walk to the front of the theater to do the wave, start cheers such as, "When I say Harry, you say Potter! HARRY! POTTER! HARRY! POTTER!", and holding the snitch friend by the wings and yelling to the audience before the movie, "150 POINTS TO THE PERSON THAT CATCHES THIS GOLDEN SNITCH!" Then watching her as she ran through the aisles.
 So there you have it. The most stupid things that I have done that I am actually happy that I was stupid enough to do them. My memories are fond, my friends are funny, and now all of your probably think I am nuts. But I am embracing it, because I can't change who I was. I can only apply it to who I will be. What crazy things have you done? What are some moments when people gave you the "What the devil?!" look?

Kylee said...

HAHAHA! How on earth did you get your head in that thing?? Man! These made me giggle. I used to play a kazoo in the hallways. That got some funny looks.

Kelsey Eaton said...

hahaha we are soul sisters. This is the epitome ofmy childhood.

LaynahRose said...

This is so awesome. I LIVED for doing stupid things like this in highschool. But I wont say no to doing something like that even now haha. For the Katy Perry movie, my friend and I dressed up as Katy the day AFTER the premier. At 11am. haha

Amanda Schroeder said...

Well. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that we could be best friends. I have some pretty crazy pictures too. I'm always thinking, "What the freak was I doing?" So funny. Also, that raptor video? I have one too. In fact, I want to see it. Thanks. hahaha!

Sharlee said...

I once took a beach ball to a dance instead of a date..and then I took my brother to one...and then I went to prom with my best friend and her nephew...yeah...a little silly maybe but those are some great memories. Clearly I didn't get asked out much :)

Amberly said...

The Lovers Welcome tent is AWESOME hahahaha

Amy said...

LOVE the Harry Potter crew!! You guys did AWESOME!

Talisha Reupena said...

Love it! I've done a lot of stupid and funny things. Too bad I don't have the photos like you do to show for it! :)

Jordyn Sifferman said...

Love love love this post! It reminds me so much of me and my best friends! What fun is life if you can't be weird and laugh at yourself?!

Ladies Holiday said...

That is ALOT of hilarity! Awesome :)

Hailey. said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE this post!! hahaha that is so funny about the "Lovers Welcome" sign.... These moments are the best!

Cassidy said...

so, i'm in two of these photos. does that mean that i do dumb things too? ha. i love them and misssss the memories!

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