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It is here! It is FINALLY HERE! Miss America week. A week that is near and dear to my heart. I spent the last four years of my life competing in the Miss America Organization, so Miss America week is always something I look forward to.

Want to know why this program is so important to me? Through the pageant I learned a lot of life skills. I learned how to speak in public. How to interview. How to talk to anyone in anyone situation. I learned the importance of fitness. I learned the importance of being well groomed. I earned scholarship money to further my education. I had the opportunity to be a role model in my community and a representative for my community. I made friends that will last forever. This organization is about MORE than beauty. It is a chance to learn and grow. So this week my blog is dedicated to Miss America. I am going to share some of my favorite moments, what I learned, and little pageant secrets from my 4 years competing. But today I am going to start you off slowly with two videos from the arrival ceremony. First, here are 53 (because Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands are included) beautiful women that will compete for the crown this week. Pay close attention. One of them will be your next Miss America!

Okay. This video. I wasn't going to share it. But then... I had to! The Miss America crown has four point to it. Each point represents something different. Scholarship, style, service, and success. Service is a HUGE thing for the Miss America Organization. It is the only pageant which requires you to promote a platform and spend your year in service. To be involved in your community, improving the quality of life where you live and where you reign. Miss America grants $6,000 dollars to the woman they think best lived service and improved quality of life where they lived. Here is a video announcing the finalist, and the winner will be announced Saturday.

Did you see that MISS IDAHO is a finalist?! Miss Whitney Wood is one of my very good friends and my pageant sister. And by sister, I really mean sister, because we were crowned as "sister titleholders" her first year competing. The best way to describe Whitney is incredibly talented, smart (actually beyond smart- she was a Coca-Cola Scholar and won the scholastic award two years in a row at Miss Idaho), and just plain and perfectly beautiful. She is the epitome of Idaho. And we are so lucky to have her representing us at nationals! So there you have it. An introduction to all the girls, including my very own state titleholder Whitney. Which girls stood out to you? Who do you think the next Miss America will be?

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I love that you have such awesome ties to pageant programs. It's a cool talent that you can claim!

2justByou said...

I used to watch the Miss America pageant every year, but I haven't for awhile. It's exciting that your pageant sister, Miss Idaho is a finalist. Awesome!

SarahJane Miller said...

I think is so cool that you were involved in pageants! I never had anything to do with it growing up, nor did I watch any of it either. I loved how you explained more of what it is like and the categories that qualify the winner. I am excited to read more about it!

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