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Alright. So swimsuit is a part of the pageant... no matter how much I don't love it. While I was getting ready for Miss Idaho 2012 I posted this...

After my discrete "P.S." on last week's post a majority of my comments have been directed towards hearing about Miss Idaho. So I figured the time has come (the walrus said, to think of many things) to include you all in my pageant preparation. So lets look at the first issue at hand. Fitness... seriously? Why do I have to wear a swimsuit on stage?! At least I have the choice between a one and a two piece. I have nothing against you Mr. Two Piece suit... but I am just getting comfortable with my body in a one piece. Give me 3 more months and I will rock a two piece on any stage. Who knew working out was such a long process!? Oh... that is right... everyone but me... So here you are, my progress from 2010 to 2011... I can't wait to see how I look on stage in 2012.

 So even though I have seriously made leaps and bounds in the fitness area I still get very down on myself. I would hate to tell you "I love my body no matter what," when that is not true. Competing in pageants will take a toll on you. Especially when every day you see the head shots and fitness of the other contestants. They are beautiful girls and they are all working just as hard as me for the title of Miss Idaho. So my incredible boyfriend changed the background on my phone so I have a little motivation and so I know what he thinks about me, I have taken to eating like a rabbit, I have started some awesome fitness programs, and I hide things on Twitter and Facebook when I think they will make me feel bad. 

The background Adam put on my phone as motivation. 
He said, "Look at it, read it, and then say it EVERY day that I am gone."

My rabbit food... sprouts and carrots anyone? 
I cannot WAIT for human food.

If I could teach you anything right now about pageants and preparation it is that.... It takes time! It takes four weeks for you to notice a change in your physical appearance, it takes your family and friends eight weeks, and it takes twelve weeks for the rest of the world to see. So... let's hope the judges are my friends! Oh. And if you want to know my workout plan, diet plan, or what I am doing.. I love to share!

That was the end of it. But I wanted to share with you a photo from 2012. I didn't look that much different from 2011 actually.

I had big plans to tone up a lot more and all that, but I ended up falling in love and getting engaged. And so that meant... I worked hard but I don't know if fitness was my priority. Either way, the one thing I have learned about competing is swimsuit cannot win a pageant for you, but it can definitely lose it for you. Every time I have been a runner up or the 11th or 6th contestant when the cutoff was one number earlier my feedback was fitness wasn't as good as the other girls. They have never asked me to starve myself, they have just directed me towards a more healthy lifestyle, and I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with that.

Amanda Schroeder said...

I did a pageant once. Just once. And I can tell you right now that it was most definitely NOT for me. I felt like every single person that was teaching us different parts of the pageant were way too critical. It didn't make me feel good about myself whatsoever! You look fabulous in that swimsuit and I honestly think you look great in all three. Heck, I wish I could look that good! I'm excited to go along your little pageant journey since you're gonna share them from now on. Haha. Props to your husband.

Elise said...

I commend you for wearing a modest one piece suit and holding true to LDS standards. I know girls that compete in pageants and show up in skanky dresses and swimsuits, then show up for church on sunday in their knee length skirts and cardigans to play the part. It is a way of life, not just when it is convenient. You are gorgeous in both photos and are such a role model to young girls!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you look so good girl. and you are such an amazing person. you are so brave! i couldn't stand on stage for anything, one of my biggest fears. teach me! haha


Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Thanks for sharing your honest portrayal of swimsuit pageantry! I would be terrified up there after having 2 kids, but more power to you and all the contestants.


Vita said...

You have a really nice body! Following you from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop

xo, Vita

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