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There is one aspect that keeps me coming back to compete and volunteer in the Miss America Organization. Beyond the opportunities and more than confidence gained and lessons learned. It is the chance to live these special moments with the amazing women that compete. To build a sisterhood around a common passion to serve, perform, be an example and a representative, and so many other aspects of these pageants. There are a lot of people out there who think we are all crazy for putting ourselves out there to be judged, but we aren't crazy. Okay, maybe we are... but the memories we make backstage, out on appearances, and during rehearsal make up for it. The best times and special moments come from the sisterhood built as we compete, not from that final moment when we are crowned. The crown is nice, but the sisters are better. And I wouldn't be the titleholder I am without the girls that support, understand, and love me.

These women are the reason I stay involved. They are so inspiring and special. They work hard. They are an example to me. They are my friends, my family, my sisters. And that is why I came down to Las Vegas this week. Not just to live out every girl's dream and watch Miss America live. But to support Whitney, my sister. My friends Gen, Miss Idaho 2011, said it best, "Moments like this show exactly why I love this program and will never be able to leave!" I competed until I couldn't and now I am a volunteer for the organization. I love the sisterhood. I love these women.

Stephanie said...

Hi lady! I'm a prior MAO titleholder, as well, and I agree; it wouldn't be the program it is if it weren't for the sisterhood. Miss Florida last night (made top 15- didn't go further, boo!) is truly a best friend of mine, and I could go on and on about her, as well as my other sisters, accomplishments. It's been like a sorority that gives out scholarship//philanthropic money for us. Hope you had a similar experience!

Found you from the Aloha Blog Hop! Thanks for co-hosting. I'm your newest fan and follower, and I'd for love you to stop by and follow back. Happy Sunday!

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Melissa McCoy said...

Found you from the blog hop and so glad I did, I'm your newest follower:) Follow back if you'd like!
The Real McCoy(s)

Sierra said...

I watched the entire Miss America last night and I thought of you the whole time!
Did you get my email about my button? Let me know, sweetums. :)

House of Tong said...

Good for you!! Keep doing what inspires you to do wonderful and positive things!! Your circle of friends is lucky to have you supporting them along! xoxo

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