Dear Time Out,


Remember a long time ago when I talked about Time Out for Women? Well... if you don't... Let me tell you what I said last time. "This wekend I am going to Time Out for Women with my Mom!" That was about it... and that was about... a month and a half ago. And when I was looking through my drafts I realized I never posted about it. Let me tell you, besides the fact that I got food poisoning, it was WONDERFUL!
The speakers were:
  • Virginia. She was all about forgiveness.
  • Sheri Dew. She talked about women in the Church and their importance.
  • Chris Williams. He talked about letting it go, joining the Savior in healing, and saving souls. His big question was, "What burden can you lay at Jesus' door?" Because if we do that, He will heal us. Find out what Chris let go and what burden he laid at Jesus' door here.
  • The Ladies from "Our Best Bites", Sara and Kate. They talked about looking for ways to serve and mother. And how life is more than being that picture perfect family.
  • Brad Wilcox. His talk was all about names. Our name and God's name. And knowing God's name when we take it. He talked about thinking of the Savior writing His name across out heart just as Michael Angelo wrote his name across the statue he carved.
  • Jon Bytheway. He said, "Regardless of your original intentions you will become what you surround yourself with." We need to surround ourselves with good things, good people, good music... just good in general. One thing he said that I loved was, "You are the average of the 5 people your surround yourself with."
  • Emily Freeman. Her whole talk was based on this quoted, "Trust god enough so that you can trust his timing for us." - Neal Maxwell
  • We also had wonderful musical performances from Jenny Oaks Baker, and she talked about the importance of family combined with Christ and the Gospel as well as not sweating the small stuff. And Mercy River, a group of three women. They talked about how Heavenly Father really loves it when we put our needs in His hand, letting him know He can calm us and looking to Him for hope.

This is my beautiful mother and I.

There wasn't much to take photos of. We honestly just sat and listened to wonderful speakers for two days straight. And this was the most scenery we got... besides the shopping at City Creek during lunch. I am so glad I got to spend those hours learning and growing with my Mother. She is beautiful and kind and such an inspiration to me.

Brendali said...

"Regardless of your original intentions you will become what you surround yourself with"

so very, very true. Always surround yourself with positive people and things!

WhatJeanLikes said...

Looks ilke you guys had fun!! Your momma and you are so pretty! :)

Maddi said...

They were all fantastic. And had such great messages! Thanks for posting this and reminding me to go look through my journal of the notes I took during the 2 days.

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