Dear New Phone,


I wish I had something thought provoking or really interesting to write about.. but truth is. I don't have time. And why don't I have time? You'll find out later this week. Stick around for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! So I am telling you a simple story today. My old phone broke. So I got a new phone. And it makes my heart hurt because now I don't have all those 2000 photos I took. And this message is brought to you from the new phone. Because like I said. I don't have time to actually log onto a computer. So here is a quick post wishing for my old phone and a photo from the new phone. The photo is of the road sign for Hansel Valley that Adam and I pass every time we drive from Idaho to Utah. We always take a photo to send to his brother because we call him Hansel, and we like him to know we passed his home. Sorry people. My life ain't that great.


Samantha Curtis said...

Sorry about your phone :( I'd be devastated too!

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Amy said...

sorry you lost your old pics...Interesting post!

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Have a great day!

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