Dear Birth Month,


First of all. I would like to welcome you to my BIRTH MONTH. That's right people. You might think October is for hot cider, Halloween, and boots... but you are wrong. It is to celebrate my birth. And at my house we celebrate all month. So I hereby declare October Deidre's Birthmonth. So to start this party off right I want to announce the blogger party Sierra is putting together in my honor... not really in my honor, but lets pretend, yeah?


Who is ready for a 

Free Food
....more free food
other really good looking people (bloggers, duh).  

602 East 600 North
Provo, UT

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd 
7-8:30 pm

Other Sponsors:
~A gourmet cupcake bakery~ 
~Local party decorating & hosting ~

Awful Waffle is treating bloggers to free Belgian Waffles and Crepes for the evening. 
The other Sponsors will be treating us as well. 

Yes, there is a catch though...
If you would like to attend you must:

 1.  Write a review blog post of Awful Waffle on your blog.
After the party, of course. 
After you write your post, you must comment/email Sierra that you did so. 
You will need to link it back to Sierra's blog and Awful Waffle. 
Sierra will write a reminder post afterwards to remind you all :)

2. Be a Follower of Love, The Skinnys (this blog... just in case you were wondering) 

3.  Have at least 100 followers on your own blog. 

4. RSVP Sierra by Monday, Oct. 1
Email her at:
+your name 
+blog name 
+a promise to write a review afterwards. 

You know you want to come CELEBRATE with me...

I mean, how could you not?!
Let's get ready to party! And in other news. The birth month GIVEAWAY will be announced later this week. So check back. See you tomorrow. Peace. And. Blessings.


Brooke said...

AH I wish I could go SO BADLY! I have a meeting that night :( Have fun though and make sure to show me pictures!

Whitney Leigh said...

I'm so going. can't wait to see you!

Libby's Life said...

HA HA in my family October is the Month of Libby because it is my birth month and I like to celebrate all month long too!!!

Gloria Littlefield said...

oh & its your favorite sisters birthday month also. deejmbl GUH-darling month. done. miss you.

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