Dear COUGAR Football,


It is game day! And I am SO excited. I wasn't going to buy an All Sports Pass this year... Adam gets into all the game for free... darn  student athlete perks... and so we figured we could find one ticket if I ever wanted to go. But as the season got closer Adam and I got more excited. And honestly... I REALLY wanted season tickets to the game. And I asked Adam and he said, "Let's get you a pass! We don't want to be sad we missed a game... and I know we will be bummed we missed out on something like that." He is right. We love sports. And we love Cougars. So. Obviously we love Cougar Sports. Right? Right. So IT IS GAME DAY AND I AM GOING! And I am SO so so SOOOO excited. And in honor of the season opener I am including photos of me at football games every year. So you can see I am just not a bandwagon sports lover.



I rushed the field this game... it was amazing. 


This was my very first photo with Adam EVER. We are cute, huh?

the first game of the season always has an incredible atmosphere. And I can't wait to be singing the Cougar Fight Song again. So there you have it. Rise and shout. THE COUGARS ARE OUT!


Mallory Wagner said...

Why am I not in any of those pictures? Oh wait... that's right, I never went to the games

Hallie said...

Just found your blog through "7 questions" wooooo for game day! except my team doesn't play til Saturday!

Have tons of fun! :):)

your newest follower,

Julie Marie said...

i am so so jealous of these game day pics. seriously. i am far beyond college..but my hubby is a huge college and pro football fan and i sooo want to go to a college WI Badger game. for some reason i want to do that more than a packer game. im not even really a football person,it just seems so fun to me =)
i am visiting and following from for love of a cupcake. hope you are having a blast with the giveaway!!

SarahJane Miller said...

I am so jealous! I went to byu and had an all sports pass. the games are so much fun!! have a blast!!

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