Dear Dad,


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I hope today was the best day for you. Even though you didn't realize Father's Day was so close. But I am sure you got a phone call from all of your kids like you were hoping. And if not, shame on them. I sure do appreciate the example you have been to me. The perfect example of hard work and dedication. Of not giving up when the going gets tough. Of giving it your all. Of providing. Of the gospel. And of what I want in my future husband. You always saw the best in me and knew what I was capable of. And for that I am so appreciative. I am grateful for a Dad that loves my Mom. I am grateful for a man that is honest and lives up to his word. A man that is forgiving. And a man that knows an honest day's work. Never holds a grudge. Has a mind like a steel trap. And trusts everyone he meets.

I love you Dad. And I am sorry you have to work in North Dakota all the time and be far away from your wife and family. But it will all be worth it. Even though we argue a lot... because we are both extremely stubborn, I got that from you, you know that right?... I know that I am still your favorite daughter and you are the man I admire and look up to. And most of the time, and I will only admit this once, you are right... except all the times I am right. I love you so much! Thank you for being everything and more that your baby girl could ask for and look up to. 

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