Dear Blogging Community,


Have I ever told you how much I appreciate the blogging community? I am pretty sure I haven't. But let me tell you something right now. I LOVE YOU GUYS. And I love being a part of all of this. Is it weird to say I feel like you guys are my BFFs.... I mean come on, I don't really even know you. Except I do because I am constantly reading all about your life. And then we send little comments back and forth. And I think sometimes there is an inside joke, I mean I don't know if there is, but I like to pretend there is. I have gained motivation through you, found some good jokes, and learned new crafts. I have also entered a lot of contests... no prizes yet, but I won't give up! Anyway. You are probably wondering why I am going on this blogging appreciation rant. But let me tell you why in a few short examples.

First. My new best best best friend through blogging Kelsey. She wrote me a good luck post when I went to Miss Idaho. Isn't she just the cutest? And we seriously message back and forth like crazy about diets, fitness, fashion, and life in general. I feel like we are just chatting over treats. Oh. And her BIRTHDAY is coming up. For her birthday she would like to reach 50 followers so she is hosting a sweet little giveaway! Stop in, meet my new bestie, follow her blog, and enter to win a FABULOUS prize. She is seriously a gem. And she is so so so so close to her birthday goal. But wouldn't it be even better to get OVER 50 followers!? Let us all make her happy with a little good blogging karma.

Second. Send Something Good. Where I made two new friends. And I got a really fun package and I got to buy someone a gift. And now Eron and I are kindred wedding planners and whenever I make it to San Fransisco, I am totally going to meet her in real life. That is, if I ever make it down there because something goes wrong every time I try. But one day, I will make it!

Third (and the most recent example). I am 100% in wedding planning mode. So everything I see I think, "Oh! CENTERPIECE" or "that would look so cute on the serving table" or "maybe my bridesmaids would like that bouquet?!".... so you can imagine how PUMPED I was when Miss Gentri Lee posted about these adorable books she thrifted for only a quarter a piece! And when I asked where she got them she said, "This great thrift store. I will go buy you some today and ship them up!" Obviously I said yes. And even though it was a little rough communicating through email she got me these adorable books. And I LOVE them. 

But ya know what? That is not even a majority of the great blogger moments. I received so many Miss Idaho good lucks, a ton of engagement congratulations, I had had people compliment my jokes, and I feel like I have one hundred more friends from all over. It is a happy time to be a blogger. And I am LOVING this all.

Love you long time blog-o-sphere!!!

Jana Faith said...

That is AWESOME! I completely understand where you're coming from, too! I feel like sometimes the people in blogland are the only people who 'understand' my excitement about some things. Happy you're so happy. :o)

A Muse in Purple said...

Hi Doll! I'm boarding the plane right now in hot-lanta and catching up on blog posts! Love ya, so proud of you! Umm...want to hear something funny? Our plane smells like sauerkraut! Haha! Two more hours & we are home. Miss Oregon already! Next time, I'm stopping over to see you!

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