Dear Revenge,


Why are you going away until April? I mean... a month is not that long... but it is when I am that addicted to a show. What am I supposed to do every Wednesday night without a little Revenge to watch? For those of you that haven't seen the show, I recommend it whole-heartedly. If you like Prison Break, you will like Revenge. It is intense and suspenseful; every episode will leave you wanting more. Well we thought this week's episode was the season finale (should be since it is going M.I.A. for awhile) so my friend Haleigh hosted a Revenge party. And even though it wasn't the finale and there are 4 more episodes coming soon... the party was a success.

Haleigh is so creative. She had all sorts of treats and made signs for each one.

"Revenge is sweet" for cupcakes.
"Grapes of wrath" for grapes.
"Revenge is the ROOT of all evil" for root beer.
"The Poisonous Apple" for apples.
She also had blood-orange soda and other drinks with a sign that said, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

It was a great night, and such an epic episode. Revenge... PLEASE come back to me.

Danie B. said...

Hi! I've been searching the internet all morning for ideas for a Revenge Season Finale Viewing Party that I'll be hosting. I'm planning on serving truffle popcorn, so I'm dying to know what the sign says on the popcorn (it's cut off in your photo). Can you tell me? Be sure to pop over to sisters(dot)net to check out the partay.

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