Dear Happy Helpers,


Do you want to help me with Miss Idaho without having to spend a dollar?
Alright... if you are a male... this post will do nothing for you... so you can read it or just pass it by.

If you are a female and 14 or older with a facebook... Help a sister out! I am getting ready to compete at Miss Idaho. And I am hoping to get a brand new gown for my final year competing. But those gowns are darn expensive... and I am definitely on a budget! Well a local gown shop is holding an contest and a great opportunity for dress buyers. But I will need your help!

Go to Venue Pageant and Prom's on Facebook. "Like" their page. Then make sure you post on the wall that Deidre Edmunds sent you! I would really really REALLY appreciate your help. Feel free to share this with your friends as well so I can get as many votes as possible. Thank you so much for all the support as always!

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