Dear IHOP,


Thank you so much for being willing to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals by donating free short stacks to people across the country. I feel so lucky that the Miss America Organization has teamed up with two other organizations that are all about support and love. I am grateful for all the opportunities for growth and service that has presented through such a great cause.

Greeting all those coming into IHOP for a free short stack. People were filtering in and out so quickly. It was great to be a part of this event and educate people on why IHOP gives free pancakes. And I made some great friends while spending my evening at the restaurant. 

 The little girl I am holding was SO excited to see princesses. Her Mom said she is "5 going on 45" and can't wait to be a pageant queen herself. 

 Two brothers and a sister. The girl took probably 10 pictures of me when I was walking around helping and then showed them all to me on her Mom's phone. Then all the kids wanted individual photos and multiple group shots. The boy with the red pants... quite the hugger. 

The little girl I am holding is a Primary Children's Hospital (the local CMNHospitals) patient. She is living proof the CMNHospitals help children in need. She is healthy and strong... and adorable! Her family still has to take her to Primary Children's because she bruises very easily, but they let us know how grateful they were for Children's Miracle Network. They said it has made such a difference in their life and helped their little girl have a life.

In case you were wondering why IHOP was so willingly giving away millions of pancakes, I will let you know! IHOP donates the pancakes in hopes that in return you will donate the money you didn't spend on food to CMNHospitals. Did you know that 1 in 9 children's families can not pay their medical bills? Even with that statistic did you know that CMNHosptials does not turn anyone away because they want the children to get the help they need? Your donations are what makes this happen! You can donate even without free pancakes and ALL the proceeds will go directly to the hospital. Please help a great cause by donating to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and helping these children and their families. The money you donate will go to the hospital that serves your area (based off of the zipcode you enter). Thank you for helping in such a great and wonderful cause. If you have any questions about CMNHospitals please contact me at

Sierra said...

Hey! I donated last time I was at IHOP! Yay me! Haha.

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