Dear Peru,


My office, One on One Marketing, is all about service. Out CEO started a charity called 5.12. It has been a fun experience to get involved in different service activities. Our most recent outing was cleaning a fire engine to send down to Peru. There is a small community in Peru that has a 150 year old volunteer fire crew who are in need of a fire engine. Our CEO (Nick) and the Orem Fire (Layne was in charge) department finally found an engine to send down to them. This engine belonged to Geneva Steel Plant and stayed on Steel plant property, never driving far or very fast, so the mileage is low and the condition is great for being 23 years old. When Geneva Steel closed in November 2001, a man, who collects historical pieces like WWII tanks and such, purchased the engine and stored it in his warehouse. When Layne and Nick were looking for a truck, this one was on the market and had everything, i.e, hoses, tubes, breathing apparatuses, etc. all intact which is very rare to find Layne and his team did a detailed check on everything and other than some major dust and dirt from sitting; the truck only needs a few repairs to be ready to ship to Peru. 

Reliving my glory days of cleaning tires at TDK Auto Service. 

A bunch of the One on One team working hard with brushes and 
dawn to get all the dirt and grease off of the fire engine.  

One on One's CEO (Nick) pumped to be out doing a little 5.12.  

The crew after finishing cleaning the fire engine and having a "small" water fight.  

So our team went to Orem and cleaned up the old truck and got it ready to send off to some people in Peru!

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