Dear Airport Security,


This morning I headed out to Portland to watch a little BYU Baseball and visit my brother Eric. I am excited to be up here and see what Oregon has to offer. I miss seeing my brother, especially since I used to spend a lot of time with him when he lived only one hour away. This will be my first time visiting him since he moved up here a year and a half ago. He is attending law school. A good guy. It will also be fun to see Adam pitch for the first time in a real game!

But the real reason for this post. I need you all to know how thorough Salt Lake City Airport is on their security. Today I took off my boots, jacket, and sweater and put my electronics and liquids into a separate bin to be scanned. I stepped through a full body scanner that is like an x ray machine. That seems like a pretty clear inspection, right? Right. So I thought I was done. But then the gentleman asked me to stand on this yellow mark and wait for a second. I assumed they were going to double check my bag (its happened before) but then a woman walked up and said, "I need to check your hair.." I looked at her for a second and laughed, she was joking, right? And then she said, "If you just want to turn I can check your ponytail." Okay, she wasn't joking. She gave my pony tail a pat down! My hair is fairly thin, and wasn't even that poofy today, but she gave it a pat down for a second and then said, "Okay! Looks like you are good. I didn't find a switch blade!" So I turned around and said, "Good, I was worried someone hid one in there while I was waiting in line!" Then I turned back around put on my jacket, scarf, and boots, grabbed my liquids and put them back in my suitcase, and packed my computer back in the case and slid it into my carry on.

The exact pony tail I have been sporting since 5:30 AM today... looks dangerous, right?

Did that really just happen? Oh yeah... it did.
Sierra said...

yep. they do that in SLC. little buggers.
On another note, SAY HI TO PORTLAND FOR ME. I miss it.

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