Dear Movie Monday,


Well. I was really excited to make a movie (the first ever Movie Monday) today... but things didn't go quite as planned over the weekend. I was planning on filming Adam's game Saturday but two things happened.... 1. My camera didn't charge and 2. Adam ended up not pitching (sad sad sad...) so I just filmed out relaxing Sunday. And Bret dancing in their living room... (which could be a video all by itself) Here you go. The first of many Movie Mondays.

What would you like to see on future Movie Mondays?

Emily said...

Love the blog, but I was thinking of you the other day. Do you realize that green tea is against the Word of Wisdom? Just a little headsup.

Cassidy said...

Green tea fights cancer. Let's be real.

Emily said...

Cassidy, I'm sure it does, but is still against the Word of Wisdom. Red wine fights cancer too.

Ellen said...

A few things.

I know many LDS people that drink green tea (stake presidents and bishops included) and they say it is not a problem.

There are many discussions about green tea, some say it is a problem because of the caffeine, but there is decaffeinated green tea (but don't a lot of members drink soda with caffeine?), and some say it is a hot drink, but that makes hot chocolate a bad thing too.

Green tea does have it's benefits. Fighting caner among many other things.

Either way I don't think it is appropriate to publicly call out someone on how they decide to live their life. If Deidre wants to drink green tea, that is her choice. And if it seriously is a problem, that is something she can deal with at the final day of judgement.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

I hope you both have a very nice day.

Nancy said...

While it is nice to worry about each other, doing it via comments isn't appropriate. When we do this it takes on the feeling that you are being self-righteous. It is this same type of self-righteous person that keyed Deidre's car while it was parked at her apartment complex in Provo a few years ago. We need to care but maybe critize in private and love and support always.

Anonymous said...

Red wine fights heart disease.

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