Dear Valentines Day,


I am getting all sorts of mixed signals from this holiday... People love it, people hate it, some call it S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day), people refuse to celebrate, girls use it as an excuse to eat all the chocolate they want, boys use it as a reason to sit around and eat pizza and watch ESPN (any reason is a good reason, right?), a few claim it was created by Hallmark... whatever your feelings are I love Valentine's Day. And it isn't just because for the first time ever I had a Valentine (and he was seriously the BEST Valentine...), but it is because I love love. The best status I saw yesterday was:

"People complain because they are all alone on Valentines Day just because their single, well i'm single and i'm not alone! I have all my friends and family who love me! I love Valentines Day its my favorite holiday & no one can ruin it for me! ♥ Happy Valentines Day!"  

This girl knows what it is all about. No matter if you are single, dating, engaged, or married there is SOMEONE SOMEWHERE that loves you. And that is enough reason to celebrate. Even if it is just your Mom... I mean, my Mom is awesome. And she always sends me a DELICIOUS caramel heart from Fredericksons. 

Either way, yesterday was a huge success. I got to work to find these little gems on my desk.

We had a few contests at work as well. First, we had a conversation heart competition. Everyone was given a bag of candy hearts and were to make up any convo they wanted. Second, we had a cookie decorating competition. The cookies were made by Ann and they are delicious. Stay tuned to find out how I placed in the competition... But here is what I made.

About halfway through the day I came out of a meeting to find a beautiful rose and stuffed animal on my desk. Best surprise on Valentines Day. Once I got home Adam took me out to dinner at Malawis and gave me the sweetest card. After dinner had to run to class. While he was there I heart attacked his car.

Once his class was out he came over and we built a fort with his roommate Bret and his girl Jen. We watched Stomp the Yard and ate treats. I gave Adam his present too. Which, I have to say turned out really nicely. I made him a book of all our text messages from 2011. It will be nice to have them to look back on like letters... but since we live in a day of technology the texts win!

After a nice evening together Adam went home and then text me "When is the last time you checked your front step?" So I ran out to check and found a box of chocolates. What a keeper.


Rachel said...

love this! That book idea is darling, I have no idea how you have all your texts from 2011 still, but that rocks, I bet he loved it.

Chito & Michelle said...

So cute! Sounds like the perfect day!

Stephanie said...

marry him!

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