Dear Dinosaurs,


For some reason I really like dinosaurs. It might sound weird... or 6-year old boyish.  My infatuation with them might stem from growing up with all boys or from listening to my incredibly smart nephews talk about them, maybe it is from hearing my parents call broccoli dinosaur trees, it might be because I used to watch Jurassic Park a ton, or it might just be because I do an incredible raptor impression... I don't really know.  But I love them. And I am fascinated by them. At Thanksgiving Point there is the Museum of Ancient Life, and Adam and I have both been wanting to go there. So last weekend he planned a surprise date and took me to see the dinosaurs. It was such a fun night. It was fun seeing all the dinosaurs, guessing whether something was petrified wood or crocodile dung, digging in the sand to change the water flow, and finding out how much we weigh in dinosaur. 

Adam tried to kiss me so I showed him how I could be a dinosaur.

 Together Adam and I weigh about the same as a Herrerasuaras.

Before the museum starts there is this fun science area where you get to play with all these experimental things. This was a point of entertainment for awhile.  

He is a keeper. It was a fun date night. And I am not even embarrassed that we played around where the little kids were as other couples are age walked by and looked at us like we were crazy.


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