The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 5


I am going to be very honest with you. I missed the first 15 minutes because Meg and I was so invested in good conversation and the amazing dinner she had cooked for us that we didn't even realize it was 7pm. So if something crazy happened or something you feel like I should comment on... it isn't going to happen. Because I was eating some really great lasagna. But I am also assuming nothing happened that I needed to see because usually they spend the first 7 minutes recapping the season as if I am an idiot and cannot remember that Corinne and Taylor got in a fight and Nick has already slept with someone but sent them home, and there was a bouncy house.

Oh wait. Something did happen. It can be summed up with this...

Alright. So there is that. And then we take it into the house. And the rose ceremony. And since when do episodes start with a rose ceremony!? ABC! You were supposed to give me all the closure I needed every Monday. Quit with the carry over. And mostly I am just really sad that cute school teach Sarah went home because I really liked her.

Next up. One on one with Rachel. They have good chemistry. Rachel shakes what her mama gave her. And in a very public parade... like I was surprised how much she was willing to shake on live TV through New Orleans. And also as they headed through town the girls were able to watch them all make out from their hotel. How convenient. They ended the night with a special dinner and inside some Mardi Gras floats. She is a great girl. They work well together. I like them together. And that is about where I feel.

Alright. Now to the creepy and crazy group date. When I think New Orleans I totally think Haunted Plantation. WRONG. That is not what I think. Yet somehow that is where they went and landed. I feel like Nick was trying to hint to Shark girl that was the plan when he asked her about ghosts the week before. Basically it was a really good opportunity to stage some stuff and tell the girls that it was haunted. Some of that very easily could have been a ghost... but not really. Because ghosts don't cut down chandeliers on live television. They are smarter than that. And they usually don't move chairs a whole foot. It is more like an inch or two. But it was a great opportunity to make the girls say crazy things like "Ghost tell me if I am staying, oh it is flickering, we are fine...." Okkkkkayy.... Weird. Lots of weird. Oh, I almost forgot. The Ouija board. Not a fan. 

However. There were some great moments. Like Shark girl kissing N. Cage. Raven accidently said she loved Nick. And it was really cute and I think she is the greatest. Like, every week I like her a little more. And then he gave the rose to Danielle M.

Okay. And now the real great part of the episode. THE TWO ON ONE WITH THE TWO GIRLS THAT HATE EACH OTHER! Of course, we knew this was coming. Because it is always the two people that dislike each other that go on the two on one. Need a reminder? Alex and Chad. Kardashley and friend in the badlands. Twin and Olivia. You get the drill right? So let's send Taylor and Corinne. They got this. And seriously, the most romantic two on one straight to the bayou on a gator boat! keyyyyyyyUTE!

Basically this date turned into some weird stuff really fast. Because while one girl was getting her cards read the other one was telling Nick about all the mean things the other one had done. However, I will say. In this moment I felt like I like Corinne better because she might have exaggerated what Taylor said - but I really do think Taylor basically called her stupid. And I don't think Taylor realized that she was talking down. And then Corinne got all creepy and asked for a voodoo doll. Super promising. 

Then we get to let the girls sit there and fight while Nick is... somewhere? And they basically just say that the other one is lying and then Taylor tries some crazy reverse psychology to make Corinne feel bad but she isn't having it....

The Nick comes in to save the day! And then just as I was saying, "Well at least we know he isn't going to leave anyone here because they will get eaten by alligators...." He left Taylor there. And I was surprised because I honestly felt like based on the tattle tail sesh they would both be left.

Then while Corinne is showing lots of side boob as they go to dinner it pans back to Taylor getting... blesssed or cleansed or something by the lady voodoo and then walking straight to dinner to speak her peace. How did she know where they were having dinner? Must be the voodoo magic she got.

And that is where we end. Because, once again... they didn't leave me with a rose ceremony to talk about outfits and such. Which is so rude.

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