Easy DIY Decor for Your Living Room


The prospect of investing in decor for your living room can be financially daunting, especially if you’ve already spent a great deal of money on new furniture. Living room decor, however, need not be expensive, and there are a great many DIY projects that you can do on your own to truly complete your living room space. Here are some easy DIY decor ideas for your living room.

No-sew curtains. Did you know that you can make your own shades and curtains for the windows in your living room? This article details a few different DIY options, and the easiest option it details is probably no-sew curtains. Simply take a flat sheet of fabric and attach curtain ring clips to the top edge for hanging. It’s suggested that you hem along the edges, but you can always use Heat ‘n’ Bond to avoid sewing.

Blanket ladder. Why not let the blankets you use in your living room on a daily basis double as decor for your living room? A blanket ladder makes for easy storage of your blankets, and it also happens to be very design-conscious. To make a blanket ladder, all you need are some wood glue, 1 ¼” pocket holes screws, wood stain, and about $5 worth of wood (two tall and narrow boards for the sides and five short and narrow boards for the rungs). To attach the rungs to the sides, you can either drill pocket holes into the rungs, or simply drill screws through the sides and into the rungs. Secure the rungs with wood glue first before finishing with the screws. Then, stain the dried ladder if desired.

Painted letters. For another custom and interchangeable decor piece, try created your own painted letters. You can find large wooden letters at your local craft store and purchase a few of them to spell out a phrase of your liking, such as “LOVE,” “HOME,” or “FALL.” Use them as-is for a more natural look, or paint them with the colors of your choice. Alternatively, you can string yarn around them and/or add fun, decorative accents such as rhinestones, confetti dots, or fake flowers. You could even glue photos onto your letters. Display them on a coffee table, side table, or fireplace mantle.

Wreath. The beauty behind wreaths is that there are a myriad of ways that you can DIY a wreath. This means that you can always make a new wreath to perfectly suit the season, giving your living room an ever-changing piece of decor. A wreath works especially well over a fireplace mantle or behind a side accent table. Do a quick search on Pinterest for the particular type of wreath you are interested in making; chances are it will be as simple as added some springs of a favorite fake floral to a ready-made wreath base.

Crates-turned-wall shelves. While you have the wood stain and screwdriver out, you can also thrift some vintage looking crates and repurpose them as shelves on your wall. Stain them and line them with a decorative paper for a custom look, or leave them unfinished for a more natural look. Look for shallower crates such as wine crates, since these tend to make for better wall shelving. To install the crates as shelves on your wall, simply attach sawtooth hangers to the back top edge of each crate and apply peel and stick rubber bumpers to the back corners to ensure that the crate hangs level. Then display some of your favorite small decor pieces and maybe a few books on your shelves.

Picture frame serving tray. Instead of purchasing a tray for your coffee table that will cost you $50 or more, you can easily make one at home using an old picture frame. Look for an extra large picture frame at your local thrift store, and simply place a cheap, decorative place mat on the inside. (Or you could use a favorite patterned paper here.) For something truly customized, you can also spray paint the frame any color that you like. Set the tray on your coffee table and display a few small pieces of decor on top of it, such as a small vase, a candle votive, and a decorative paperweight.

By: Maurine Anderson
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