This week I spent all of Monday and Tuesday in bed trying to not cough my lungs out and by Wednesday I was back at work, so I say this week overall was a huge success! But for reals, next week's weekday wardrobe post will be a real doozy because you better bet I took a photo for you of me in my jams. Gotta keep the real in the post, am I right? Besides being sick I got way ahead on blog posts so you are going to be seeing some real outfits and I am really excited about sharing all of them with you. But for now, you get to see the weekday wardrobe. So let's do it!

Monday | Cardigan: Eleventh Avenue | Top: Old Navy | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Tuesday | Top: Downeast | Chambray: Downeast | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Forever Young
Wednesday | Dress: Brass Button Clothing | Tights: Costco | Shoes: Famous Footwear
Thursday | Top: Agnes and Dora | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Friday | Top: Soel | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Old Navy

There are two different ways to look at last week's outfits and pick a favorite. My favorite outfit all on its own would definitely be Wednesday. The dress is one of the highest quality shift dresses I have ever gotten in my life. It is a nice thick material and it is perfect for dressing up or dressing down. I got a lot of compliments on it that day because of the styling. The front is Navy and the back is grey adding a nice slimming effect. My favorite outfit all put together with the hair is Thursday. You guys, high pony tails are my new thing. I feel like a boss when my hair is like that. So if I could have taken Wednesday's outfit and Thursday's hair I would have one of the best outfits I have ever had in my life. I say that in all sincerity. Which outfit are you loving on? Any that you want in your closet?
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